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Freedom in Algorithmic Era

As artificial intelligence makes its way to all areas of life, the most prominent people aiming to explain the technology and translate it for the public tend to be scientists, businessmen . The central question of AI is not superintelligence or the end of work but the capacity of AI to render autonomous judgments, as

Open Future Digital disinformation Destroying our Society

Manipulation and deception has always been a part of politics. But it is particularly abundant and influential on the web, since it is less expensive and easier to reach people. Social bots have played a role on Twitter since the site launched, to instantly post not only the latest news stories or banal advertisements but

Telemedicine During Covid-19

Telemedicine has been steadily on the rise for years, with companies around the world helping patients. It has not become a mainstream form of patient interaction because it defies the time-honoured custom of the physical visit. It also needs to overcome regulatory and commercial hurdles and requires a digital infrastructure that ensures secure connections between

big gaming in the metaverse

The metaverse idea is in vogue in Silicon Valley and is considered the next big thing in the internet. No one quite knows what the term means; at its most futuristic .Using virtual and augmented reality, avatars and lifelike computer imagery, the metaverse will further erase the boundaries between people’s online and physical lives. Unsurprisingly,

Easy of Doing Business in China

Though multinationals have flocked back to China since, the government’s nit-picking has continued, encompassing everything from technology transfer to how freely firms can invest. Western firms operate in China on sufferance and one day the country may seek to replace them. There is nothing new for foreign firms to endure shakedowns by the Chinese Communist

mobile phones ban in chinese school

The vast majority of children and teenagers in China access the internet via their own smartphones – 74% of under-18s, according to the government-affiliated China Internet Network Information Centre but the authorities are concerned about how internet use is affecting the health of the nation’s youth. There have been rising levels of nearsightedness among children

Google second foldable

Google appears to be internally testing a second foldable Pixel smartphone with the codename “Jumbojack,” there’s speculation that the Jumbojack codename could be a reference to Jack in the Box’s Jumbo Jack cheeseburger. Jumbojack  seems to have two screens, with one that deactivates when the device is folded. That suggests we’re looking at a similar

Windows 11 driver with DLSS Release

Nvidia is releasing a new display driver today that adds Deep Learning Super Sampling ( DLSS ) support to 28 games, and is now certified for both Windows 10 and Windows 11. The 28 additional DLSS games brings the total of games to more than 100, an important milestone for Nvidia’s AI-based temporal upscaling. Most

The Future of App Store

Apple will still require apps to use their IAP system for any qualifying purchases that occur in the apps themselves. Most apps will be required to also offer IAP side-by-side with any external methods .Apple will have many rules regarding the display, descriptions, and behavior of external purchases, many of which will be unpublished and

Acquisition of Mail Champ

Mailchimp began by offering email marketing solutions, and evolved into a global leader in customer engagement and marketing automation fueled by a powerful, cutting-edge AI-driven technology stack. The planned acquisition of Mailchimp for approximately $12 billion in cash and stock advances Intuit’s mission of powering prosperity around the world, and its strategy to become an