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Dancing With the Unknown

It is unfortunate that we experience what we are currently going through but the world is full of unknowns and hidden things from our naked eyes, so what we are currently witnessing is just the hidden things that caught us by surprise and we are to dance with the uncertainty as we give things a

Google Jobs

Google and other online platforms has become the current employers of most youths who are unemployed and can work from their home with just a computer , electricity and internet connectivity but the some jobs are restricted to certain geographical locations. Are you an online worker and what is your experience ?

A’s in School

During the early years when employment and personal advancements for the educated was not such a problem being called an “A” was regarded as having highly qualified for the a certain position and nowadays you can be an “A” material but the industry rejects you for a job offer and it is about what do

Creativity In The New Normal

After Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, it forced closure of learning institutions which forced adoption of online learning over classroom teaching. global learning recovery after lock-down is expected to give us an opportunity to build more opportunities for curiosity and creativity into the curriculum. Are we ready to amend the current curriculum ?

Power and Privilege

Our Cultural competencies includes the skills, knowledge and cultural differences awareness and the differences in the social class, race, ability and religion has led to oppression which combines prejudice and institutional powers that creates a discriminatory system.What are effects of attaining equity and the possibilities?

Asynchronous Communication

Asynchronous Communication is likely to be the future of communication at work but right now does not exist which is likely to be more productive than the current synchronous communication . Video conferencing can be really enhanced over live streaming, what is your experience with video conferencing ?

Fifth Generation Cellular Technology

In 2019, The developed countries tarted the development of the fifth generation cellular technology networks to better the network speed and connectivity. In Africa, Huawei a Chinese company is mostly known for its cheap and affordable connectivity, due to USA restrictions of Huawei, China has started facing restrictions from some countries.Who do you think leads

Digital Trade Procedures

The economic crisis that Covid-19 has caused, no one want to take those chances again and this has led to change in mindset about the need to embrace digital technology. The has been need to digitize the trading procedures post-covid-19in facilitating the trade. What post-covid effects do you thing digitization will cause?

Commonwealth World

The commonwealth world is primarily dominated by the people of color and the discussions about the need for a fair world is really critical. Meghan and Harry just recognized that need. We urge every to recognize this need, Do you personally recognize that ?

F1 Stake

Mclaren is willing to sell a stake of the F1 team to secure a future after it was hardly hit by Corona Virus pandemic and this caused a repeated shutdown for the working based company to allow the company meet its medium-future term. How hardly have you been hit by the virus?