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Shanghai Covid

In line with the country’s strict “zero-Covid” strategy, the city of 20 million people has ordered flash lockdowns of areas where positive cases or their close contacts have been detected. Shanghai’s citywide lockdown earlier this year saw widespread reports of food shortages and poor living conditions in quarantine centres. Frustrated residents were filmed engaging in

Russia reopens bond market

Russia closed its stock and bond markets hours after President Vladimir Putin sent thousands of troops into Ukraine on 24 February. In March, it began a phased re-opening which was limited to bonds issued by the Russian government. Russia had sealed off its markets in February to restrict money from leaving the country during the

Crimea blasts

Crimea was seized from Ukraine and then annexed by Russia in early 2014. When Russian forces unleashed a new invasion in February, they used their bases on the peninsula to capture large swathes of southern Ukraine. Russian occupation has stretched across two southern regions in particular, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, and Ukraine has vowed to launch

WeChat suspends some NFTs accounts

Even after all the measures, the trading of NFTs is still not illegal in China. However, the digital assets are built on technology which is regulated by Beijing. China’s popular WeChat messaging app has suspended some accounts linked to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to prevent speculation in the digital assets. The platform says it has “rectified”

Chinese tech giants hands over algorithms to government

Chinese regulators have been tightening their grip on the technology sector for nearly two years now. The country adopted new rules for algorithms in March – which allow users to opt out of contributing to recommendations. Chinese internet giants including Alibaba, Tiktok-owner ByteDance and Tencent have shared details of their algorithms with China’s regulators for

Deleting Facebook account

Since it began in 2004, Facebook has been accused of mishandling data and helping contribute to misinformation. There are currently around 2.8 billion Facebook users, but backlash against the world’s largest social media site continues. Deleting a Facebook account will completely remove it from the site, while deactivating will make the account inoperable for anyone

Deleting WhatsApp message after two features after two days

WhatsApp will now let people delete a message days after it has been sent. The time limit to remove a regrettable message has now been increased to two days after it has been sent. Just as when the feature was first introduced, deleting a message will leave a note saying that something has been deleted,

smart contact lenses that help ‘diagnose cancer’

‘Smart’ contact lenses that have the potential to diagnose early stage cancer through tumour identifying chemicals found in tears have been created by scientists. The technology captures transporters called ‘exosomes’, which are tiny bubble-like messengers contained within cells in our bodies secreted into blood, saliva, urine, and tears. Exosomes can influence tumour regulation, progression and

Google’s DeepMind AI cracks 3D protein structure

Decoding protein structures do not just aid in curing diseases but can also help engineer solutions for global environmental issues. Proteins are the building blocks of life and play myraid roles in the body as structural units, transport molecules, as well as functional catalysts of chemical reactions in the body as enzymes. Google’s DeepMind AI

Facebook and Instagram rewrite websites via in-app browser

Meta has been rewriting websites that Facebook and Instagram users visit to trace them across the internet. Users who click links inside Facebook or Instagram are taken to webpages in an “in-app browser”, rather than using Google Chrome or Safari. This allows the company to monitor everything that happens on external websites without needing user