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One Boat

The whole africa is now on one african boat brought together by the corona pandemic. If we allow african country to be used as a test rat labs then history will held us responsible. Should any human be less than another in this 21st century?

Trading Online

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started most physical shops has been closed and there is no business completely, Should governments enable and encourage online trading?

Mental Health Stigma

Advocating for mental health in public gathering is really important as it helps in breaking the stigma in public. Do you think you are not mentally unhealthy?

Legitimate Forum

Forums are for discussions and airing your views freely but most forums are abused. How do we conduct legitimate respective forum discussions?

Gaming in Teaching

Videos gaming has played a great role in the lives of the children to a great extent that it cannot be ignored. How do we use it in teaching maths, social sciences and developing digital skills?

Child Education

Child education starts from home and parental guidance plays a major role in the growth and behavior of the child than anybody else. should all parents be trained on how to bring up their children properly?

Job Market

The formal job markets is flooded and their are so many people who are unemployed and some who work online to earn a living.Is the business the way to go?

Online Thesis Defence

The emergence of the internet has brought both positive and negative effects. In the current higher learning systems ,Thesis defence is done online which someone is very flexible but compromises on the quality . How do you think?

Video Games

The gaming industry has really grown, with this antisocial behavior of human beings people have gone back to gaming for socialisation. is this the way to go?


Most countries have almost locked down their cities economically leaving out only the essential services to run. Now, because of this why do they embrass e-commerce in the supply of the essential commodities and services?