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Hear It from Everyone

Everyone hold a capacity to teach us if we just be willing to listen. How can we convince the patronizing communities that this is the way

People can Make You or Destroy Your

Surround yourself with the most skilled, intelligent, and knowledgeable people. They edify you, challenge your decisions, brainstorm with you, hold intellectual talks and are great to learn from. Associate yourself with greatness if you want to achieve success. The question now comes, The geniuses of the world in those days whom did they surround themselves

Enemy of knowledge

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance but illusion of knowledge. Do we suggest that ignorant people are better that illusive ones ?

Introduction of Swahili in Namibia

Namibian Govt plans to introduce Kiswahili in Namibian schools by 2021. talks to introduce Kiswahili into the Namibian school curriculum began in July 2019, when Tanzanian President John Magufuli proposed the introduction of the language locally. why can’t swahili be a national language for all African countries to unify the Continent, What makes so hard

Women Empowerment

As part of development, empowering women plays a key role e.g. helping small scale traders and startups and see ways of improving their business environment. However, what could be the negative societal impact of empowering women too much and forgetting the boy-child ?

Capitalism is a disease

As it is seemingly facilitated by capitalism, it blurs the discussion, thus hardening the ability of oneself to discern authentic narratives from subterfuges. what do you about modern capitalism ?

Data Interpretation

Data must be unbiased. But also, biased educators interpreting unbiased data can still land on a biased interpretation of data. We need a structural justice approach to collecting data, interpreting data, and even deciding what we consider to be data. How do we protect ourselves against strong forces on data representation and interpretation ?

Theory vs Experiment

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong. In that simple statement is the key to science . True or False ?

Universal Rent Control

With the raise of capitalism in housing, rent control is a good measure to reduce the gap. rent control protects tenants, is good for the housing market, promotes lively cities, and reduces one of the biggest sources of rising inequality today. We need to expand it dramatically.

Ambitious Leaders

people with a positive, non-selfish vision for the future of the country should be our aim. We haven’t had many and that’s our failing as an electorate, stuck in a Political war time warp and gullible. What is the best approach in changing the narrative in our countries ?