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Picsart Getty Images to build a custom AI model for Pictures

Picsart that it’s partnering with Getty Images to develop a custom model to bring AI imagery to its 150 million users. By creating its own model trained exclusively on licensed content, Picsart plans to give its users access to safe AI creative tools at a time when there are rising concerns regarding AI-generated images and

Development of General Enterprise Machine  for learning

The ongoing development of General Enterprise Machine  is working toward enabling businesses to create custom object detection and visual information systems, harnessing the full potential of neural networks. Scope AI’s strategic efforts aim to transform the fields of advertising personalization, gaming enhancements, and the various applications of neural networks. Scope AI has unveiled significant enhancements

Virtualware partners with MACE

MACE VL provides integrated hardware and software solutions, supported by a robust network of Studio Partners who collaborate with potential customers to create custom content for Immersive Learning, Simulations, Serious Gaming, and Customer Activation. As a new VIROO Value-Added Reseller (VAR), MACE VL will help customers design, develop, integrate, pilot, and scale XR solutions, focusing

Chinese investment for Neom

Vision 2030 is meant to reorient the kingdom’s economy away from fossil fuels and toward innovation and technology. But the vast scale and cost of the project, which reports say could spiral to more than a trillion dollars, is posing difficulties even for Saudi Arabia, despite its reserves of oil wealth. At a recent exhibition

Recognition of Somaliland 

Somaliland, which declared its independence from Somalia in 1991, says that Ethiopia will become the first country to grant it recognition. In return, it will give its landlocked neighbour access to the sea. The deal has outraged Somalia, which describes it as an act of “aggression”. In April it expelled the Ethiopian ambassador. Now it

Boom in AI Data Centers 

AI industry insiders say the world has plenty of energy capacity to absorb this increased demand, and that technological efficiency improvements could offset these increases. But others are skeptical about the industry’s promises, and worry its aggressive consumption of fossil fuel energy sources will hamper collective efforts to combat climate change.While AI could change the

Gaza Cease-Fire Hopes 

The US has been unable to explain why Israel, which has said it won’t stop until Hamas is destroyed, would agree to a proposal that lets the group survive. Hamas, meanwhile, has made clear it wants Israel to withdraw from Gaza for good, something Netanyahu’s government has said is off the table.Calls to end the

Tariffs on Chinese Electric Cars

Industry experts predict that the increased duties on electric vehicles from China will hurt consumers more than they do Chinese automakers, by increasing the price of the most affordable electric cars on the market. The European Union said on Wednesday that it would impose additional tariffs of up to 38 percent on electric cars built

Moldova’s Gagauzia region governor sanctioned by US

The United States imposed sanctions on the pro-Russia governor of Moldova’s Gagauzia region on Wednesday, a move supported by the pro-Western government in Chisinau. As Moldova’s relations have deteriorated with the Kremlin during Moscow’s full-scale invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, Gutul has called for closer ties and met high-level Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin in

Hungary Won’t Veto NATO assistance to Ukraine

Ukraine’s Western allies are trying to bolster military support for Kyiv as Russian troops launch attacks along the more than 620-mile front line, taking advantage of a lengthy delay in U.S. military aid. Hungary agreed on Wednesday not to veto NATO support for Ukraine but Prime Minister Viktor Orbán insisted that his government would provide