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NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic (C) attends the ceremony of the Remembrance Day for the Victims of the NATO Aggression, in Kraljevo, Serbia, March 24, 2022. Bombings of Yugoslavia started on March 24, 1999, without the previous authorization of the United Nations (UN) Security Council. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s aggression against Yugoslavia 24 years

Chinese Chip tycoon Zhao Weiguo of corruption

Over the last decade, the state-backed company made a series of acquisitions and emerged as one of China’s leading chipmakers. China’s anti-fraud watchdog has accused chip tycoon Zhao Weiguo of corruption, in the latest sign of trouble faced by the country’s semiconductor industry. Semiconductors, which power everything from mobile phones to military hardware, are at

Google rolling out its AI chatbot Bard

AI chatbots are programmed to answer questions online using natural, human-like language. They can write anything from speeches and marketing copy to computer code and student essays. Google has started rolling out its AI chatbot Bard, but it is only available to certain users and they have to be over the age of 18 but

Bill Gates: Artificial intelligence advancing technology

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot which is programmed to answer questions online using natural, human-like language. The team behind it in January 2023 received a multibillion dollar investment from Microsoft – where Mr Gates still serves as an advisor. But it is not the only AI-powered chatbot available, with Google recently introducing

ChatGPT bug

A ChatGPT glitch allowed some users to see the titles of other users’ conversations, the artificial intelligence chatbot’s boss has said. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said the company feels “awful”, but the “significant” error had now been fixed. OpenAI’s chief executive tweeted that there would be a “technical postmortem” soon. But the error has drawn

Europe position on space race

Traditionally, the continent has been focussed largely on doing space science such as telescopes, and civil applications like satellite navigation and Earth observation. Its products in these areas are unquestionably world-leading. But to get its astronauts into space, Europe has had to rely either on American or Russian rocket systems. Europe must develop its own

The France AI-assisted Olympics surveillance

Artificial intelligence software would “detect in real time pre-determined events likely to pose or reveal a risk” of “terrorist acts or serious breaches of security”, such as unusual crowd movements or abandoned bags. French government plans to trial surveillance cameras upgraded with artificial intelligence at the 2024 Paris Olympics have opponents fuming at what they

The anti-LGBTQ law in Uganda restrictions

Individuals and institutions found to support or fund LGBTQ rights advocacy work, those who publish, broadcast or distribute literature deemed pro-LGBTQ could face prosecution and imprisonment. Uganda’s new and stricter laws to punish lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people puts draconian restrictions on the media and advocates for LGBTQ rights too. Journalists in Uganda

Burundi troops in DRC occupies M23 positions

The East African Community regional force has continuously taken control of positions vacated by the M23 rebels as part of their mandate as stipulated by the Luanda agreement signed in November 2022. Kenya and Burundi are the only countries that have deployed in the regional force.Burundian troops have taken over territories vacated by the M23

US Propaganda on Iraq’s war

U.S. military invasion of Iraq 20 years ago was largely framed in news media to meet strategic objectives, and the skewed media narratives continue to hide many truths, said an opinion piece published on the website of Al Jazeera on Monday. U.S. information operations “exaggerated the threat of enemies or even invented one altogether,” it