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Month: December 2019

Young people our future

Young people are marching, organizing, and speaking out for their right to a future of peace, justice and equal opportunities. Let’s support and protect youth as they on Human Rights Day and every day. Young people can lead as equally as the old. the notion of old people having wisdom in leadership need to sit,

Gambia Genocide

Nobel Peace Prize laureate is at The Hague to defend her generals -myanmar over its bloody 2017 military crackdown during a genocide hearing. How times have changed . Lauare was once a human right Activity now in defense of Myanmar. Is it double standards or it about time.


It’s high-time we should go back to drawing board as drivers because the rate at which accidents are happening is really questionable.We have a very big problem indeed and please let’s face it head on;Road Safety and Safe Driving Practices is the KEY to resolve all these menaces. What is that the Kenyan Government is

Emerging Money Technologies

Pesa Pap Loan App is a new technology which can help you in : Paying bills & rent arrears 2. Start a small business 3. Cover medically bill for my ailing mother. 4. Do household shopping to take me through the month of December. What id your experience with Pesa Pap Loan App? if compared


Capitalism has created a lot of wealth and improved general living standards — but it has done so at the expense of millions of people and the environment. What does the future capitalism look like?

The future of Google

Google founders: Larry page and sergey Brin steps back from management though they still hold majority of the voting rights as the new CEO Sundar Pichai pictured above takes Over. What next for Google ?

Nairobi Express Highway

The construction of Nairobi Express highway is like to bring social Exclusion since only those who can afford can use it and also it will discriminates pedestrians ans cyclists. On the other hand Apart from the transfer of skill during the construction of the expressway, the project will also provide employment opportunity for Kenyans both