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Month: January 2020

Women in Football

If you knew anything about men’s or women’s football, you would already know the disparities in talent and competition level. you should become knowledgeable about the subject. Do you want think what men do in football, women can do it or even more ?

Liberal Minds

You can’t change people’s minds who are one-sided nor can you have a proper debates on here without it coming across the wrong way. Which I guess this can go for without a doubt on other sites as well . Education has a role to play in trying to make people open minded. How has


The best way to come into consensus /get answers is to give a chance for two-way information exchange, open discussion, learning, & persuasion and incase if fails which is next best alternative ?

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis can be a vital tool for accelerating the discovery and creation of viable new products. How are companies using individual data in this noble course ?


The debate over whether Britain being in or out of the European Union is over, but the debate over the kind of country UK want to become has only just begun . what is the likely economic impact ?

Western Civilization

What do we mean when we talk about “Western Civilization. We have even seen the EAST trying to behave like the west because of modernization. who is included/excluded by this term ?

Nuclear Warhead

The people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would tell us better. Even casual discussion on nuclear warhead should bring shivers down our body. Is there still love for human if countries continue making nuclear warheads …?

Youths Engagement

Youth Peace and Development Talk on a theme of Youth and Digital Literacy was well navigated by youth in any discussion should be among the top agendas. Is it possible for a country prospers without engaging the youths . How can we change the narrative

Women Health

If the fetus is alive and outside someone else’s body, great! Now it’s no longer affecting anyone else’s health. It can have rights. But before that, no. The women always matters more than the fetus .Something need to change. What do you propose ?

Gender Equality

Women have for decades been excluded by customary laws of even partaking in the discussion of land ownership mostly in African context . This is an issue that must exist in all our dialogues. How does affect Men responsibilities and scociety at Large