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Month: February 2020

People Centric Planning

It is planning which engages with communities, understanding their needs, and preparing a people’s plan and making their opinions matter. Engages the whole community is not easy and it can be very expensive, which are the best mechanisms to engage the citizens?

Religious indoctrination

Religious indoctrination strips you of your free will, your beliefs are not your own, they’re the beliefs of the creators/writers which are bias, misogynistic and have an inflexible brains. Churches are not the way they used to be, is it now the time for the governments regulate the religious teachings ?

Open World

In an open world of doing businesses , different models have been adopted to try and beat the competition and for best practices . is there a hybrid business model that incorporates all the diverse economic societal classes equally?

Restricted Content for Kids

we the emergency of internet and smartphones , even kids are able to access restricted contents for adults. do you support that there be a porn site for kids which is regulated by the parents?

Human Embryo

Abortions kills the live embryo which comes out as a dead organism. There are a lot of discussions of whether an embryo is a human being or just an human transformed egg. Does killing an embryo through abortion a crime ?

Substance Use Disorder

It is not for everyone who uses alcohol or cigarettes etc. develops a substance use disorder . People are exposed to different risk factors from poverty, trauma etc. what could be the great factor that leads to substance use disorder?

Strength of a Woman

Some cultures are old fashioned and have not place in this society. If women stoop up and say no when the world, their family, their community, their social norms and their beliefs tell them they should not ,there is nothing quite as powerful that. what about men?

Financial Resilience

Financial Resilience is not a walk in the park and strengthening it needs a comprehensive approach to disaster risk finance.what do you think the government needs to do ?

Passphrases Over Passwords

Most secure passwords narrative has been a mixture of numbers, special characters and different cases but long passwords are harder to crack compared to the current way of creating passwords. Passphrases are proven to be much harder to crack and require more computational resource . What is your experience ?

Coronavirus is the Current World War III

Coronavirus is a no joke. The biggest technology now have felt the pinch and even some have decided to lower their revenue income for this quarter. The likes of Microsoft and apple who depends on china for manufacturing has been rained on. Who will contain the situation ?