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Month: March 2020

Health Care Experts

Currenty, Health care experts who are fighting the corona pandemic have shown how important they are compared to our politicians who really cares so little.The people in power should now prioritize in most occassions/ undertakings the essential services. How can we change the capitalism system to favor essential services?

Business Continuity

Business continuity and resilience has now become so important at this point in time considering so many businesses has been closed down due to the pandemic except the ones offering essential services. How do we help the business community?

International Flights

Suspension of international flights by most countries due to COVID-19 have impacted people negatively either socially, politically and economically. Some people are still stranded and need to be repatriated. How to we assist them?

Women in Business

To encourage women entrepreneurs, there is need to provide with resources such as funding, training and other enabling environments. This will empower more women and creates more jobs. However, in today’s society, nobody talks about men. What bout them?

Reproduction in Man

Human beings reproduce to give birth to new born babies but for a man to reproduce, the participating characters have to be fertile i.e. the woman and the gentleman. Babies who are born through test tubing,are they still chategorized to have been reproduced?

Getting Answers

Holding people accountable for their deeds , Asking questions gives more clarity. Men are usually more accepting of being questioned as they relish that back and forth. Why is it that women do not like it?

Research Papers

The Researchs Repository has millions of research papers from across the globe. African scholars and academicians have also written very nice research papers but most of them are not used to change african. Who is to blame?

World Health Care System

Most people were brought up knowing that United States of America has the best health care system in the world. Sometimes having the best does not guarantee offering the best. why is that most USA citizens are dying of Corona?

Political Incorrectness

The extreme social political views which involves life and death views reveals the true character and someone. We must recognize that we are who we are when in extremwly conditions. Should we gauge our leaders based on that?

Oil Price Carnage

Oil form the basis for most production activities and it greatly influence the prices of the commodities. Currently the demand for oil has really gone down , Could it influence the price of the commodities positively?