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Month: April 2020

Global Film Making

Having a global Film which is all inclusive is a great milestone in inclusivity in the film industry like what YouTube is trying to implement. Will it be fair to everyone to work?

Football Games

It is almost two months now since the last international match was played and somehow most people have focused on different things that help than discussing match losses. Is football exaggerated somehow?

Gender Balance Infections

From the world statistics and even per country data, It is clear that most men are the one infected by the COVID-19 and highly susceptible. Why is it so?

Health Personnel’s

Health workers I.e. doctors, Nurses etc plays a very crucial role in any country and they need to be recognized. Why are politicians always accorded respect than the health workers and yet most of them are their to steal public funds?

Sexually Suggestive Dressing

Dressing code sometimes helps people behave and it brings some kind of morality in a society. Some individuals walk almost naked and when they are harassed because of their dress code they tend to justify their actions. Should dressing be regulated as well in all societal levels?

Personal Growth

This year has taught me a lot and I have grown so much, educated myself , put myself first and done self reflection on the thoughts and actions. What can you say who have learn during this corona virus pandemic?

Facts and Opinions

People can have different opinions about something which might be seemingly right but not strong or has no evidence. Opinions needs to respected and evaluated but not taken as facts. Does contradicting someone’s opinion being disrespectful?


Circumcisions on either male or female has its own importance and it will be fallacious to say that female circumcision has only the negative effects. If you observe keenly most Ladies who are circumcised tend to be a bit calm and respect their bodies so much. Why is the government criminalizing the act instead of

Billionaires are Getting Richer

During this covid-19 pandemic billionaires are making millions from the governments and the common citizens while the common citizens continue to suffer as the governments continue to giving hope. Who is to blame for the suffering at this hard time?

Richest Continent

African is the richest Continent in the world in terms of the natural resources from gold, Diamond etc . But it is the poorest Continent because of its leaders who promise to utilize what Africa has to improve the lives of its people. Are the African leaders who are milking their own countries dry?