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Month: May 2020

Religion for Governments

The world is naturally evil and if someone is born and without being taught about morality then naturally he start thinking evil . The religions has been closed down during this short period of corona and the crime rate has really gone up. What’s a government without a religion?


Faithful has been scandalized by restrictions, no active holy Communion, no baptism or any church services going on during this corona pandemic. Is it this what has been prophesized in the Bible in the book of Daniel and revelation?

Police Brutality

Police Brutality is discriminatory and more often is done against blacks. It is not once or twice this issue has been talked about and no much has been done. Why blacks are they not human beings, could it be also the reason most “Muslims” say they are” protecting” themselves and end up being “terrorists” ?

Demonstration against Governments

Citizens don’t just demonstrate for not reason and the intensity of their demonstration is determined by the degree of irresponsible behavior by the government. Elected leaders have been given powers by the citizens to lead and protect them. Why should the government be so irresponsible until it starts killing it’s citizens?

Handling Doubts

Personal interests serve a great role in most discussion. Some conversations can be full of Propaganda and deceit with full of doubts. For example a conversation between Muslims and Christians, Muslims will always defend their muslim brothers no matter what. How do we handle simple doubts?

White Supremacy

We have all fallen prey to white supremacy indoctrination.s schools, history and mythological greatness.wrong mentality created by the historians. Is our mentality the plague?

Decisions and policies

People are really disappointed by some policies made by the governments during Corona pandemic, giving money to the poor when they are less productive and taking suggestions from opposition is a positive thing. Why are governments not open to public discussions?


Generalization of people is a poor of thinking and treating people because it leads to terrible things. A mistake of one doesn’t constitute a community mistake.w e need individual responsibility not a group, what do you think?


Sanctions when imposed on a country really hinders trade. I have never hard of the united States of America being sanctioned , does mean that it is always doing for others. who imposes sanctions on nations?

Societal Inequality

Equality is a relative term and inequality in most societies is aligned to socioeconomic factors but sometimes politically motivated.This also affects human reasoning and judgement. Does it affect IQs ?