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Month: May 2020

All Lives Matters

Rebellion against be it a government, family etc. by citizens if not politically motivated is mostly because people feel that they are unfairly treated or discriminated against. Like the killing of blacks in America etc . cannot be justified by wrong doing. Who will end racism?

Disagreements on A Discussion

In any discussion, getting into a solid conclusion is really recommended. Having agreements mostly ends a discussion but disagreements leads to a long discussion with better solutions. What ratio of disagreements that should be allowed in a discussion?

Completing the Premier League Fixtures

The economy has been hit so hard by the corona virus pandemic and football was not left out. English premier fixtures completion is said to resume early next month and we can’t continue with stay at home with no much to do. Do you support Premier League Fixtures resumption before corona is declared over?

Claimed Cure for Corona Virus

Rumours has it that the republic of China has the cure for the corona virus but don’t want to give it to the world as it is using it as a blackmail to do business. There is something the world health organization is hiding from people and for the vaccine to be discovered, postmortem need

Corona Virus on Population

The world population has really grown to billions of people and people are still giving rise to offsprings. Resources are also scarce, Is Corona virus as a weapon to reducing world population?

China and Usa

Lately China and United States of America have been competing on dominating Africa countries which mostly have minerals such as Gold etc. and each has its pros and cons. Why not Russia, neither China or USA is a better option it is only that Africa is a poor Continent in terms of capital but rich


Oral interviews has been used as a measure of determining what someone can do and most common ones in developing countries. However, oral interviews do not reflect what someone can do in the industry and should be a thing of the past. Should oral interviews be left for managerial positions only?

Digital Contact Tracing

Technology has really evolved and even in contact Tracing as a response to containing Corona virus need to digital and it is likely be less costly and more efficient. Is physical contact Tracing one of the ways to creating jobs to cushion the disposable income shortage?


White people are the most racist ever and they are also the one who are on the media condemning it. Law enforcement agencies need to act if they think racism is the thing of the past. Is racism politically motivated?


Polygamous families are most common in African countries and it is because they believed then that having more than one wife makes a man control the woman with ease and also children were equated to wealth etc. Does being polygamous prevent a man from cheating?