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Month: June 2020

Organization Communication

Communication in any organization plays a vital role in its success and we cannot say that because most whites have succeeded in life are good communicated. Good communication really depends on the person and how the individual perceives the surrounding and the organizations that expands and grow greatly really maximize on that . Between communication

Race and Relationships

Relationships among races has led to prosopography and social networks analysis and it is true that in most cases interpersonal interactions and personal characteristics affects the behavior of an individual. No one should use prosopography to discriminate and oppress fellow human beings and in this world nothing has equity and in some sense we are

A Group Rejects Wearing Masks

Anti-face mask group came out in public in Florida rejecting face masks and saying that they are no any obligation to wear the face-masks as they have freedom of choice and the masks are limiting human airflow in human body, they also term the act of mask wearing as satanic. What do you thing about

New Business Strategy

Resources are so limited and because of competition of getting those resources, everyone is eyeing on them. Specifically during this time of corona pandemic, changing your business strategy or venture can help keep you track. It is time to take services near to the people and expand your market niches because people no longer come

Unfinished Business Ideas

Trusting human beings with your business ideas is hard that before and the way it looks. If you have any Ideas , discussing on social medias or any other media is like committing suicide. Some many youths whose their ideas were stolen and people are earning millions from it while the brainchild is suffering on

Job Losses

The pandemic has impacted the lives of people in various ways. Most of the companies that are doing well during this pandemic time are the ones providing essentials services and mostly they are either state owned or owned by rich people but for small and medium enterprises it has been a serious slash. Despite the

Term Falls

We should be asking ourselves the question on how we should grace our students during this \covid-19 period. Mostly people are suffering through a variety of ways i.e. societal challenges, Trauma, economic hardships etc. and also some famillies are traumatized. The government cannot peovide all solutions from technical to humanity but if you can help

Education Equity

It is difficult to engage in concrete details about achievement, fairness and equal opportunities in different fields of education for social justice . Firstly the learning environments in education are really different in different social classes, In Kenya it was noticed that engineering courses are mostly done by people from poor backgrounds and it is


United States of America has a long history of freedom and protecting democracy and even interfering with the operations of the third world countries which are deemed to be violating human rights and freedoms. It is now the country on the watch after the death of Floyd and what Trump doing right now is clearly

Tax Returns

Filling tax returns is actually showing loyalty and dedication to countries country to allow the country serve the citizens better and improve the lives of the individuals as the sole mandate of the government.For the government to develop, it needs to enable all of its citizens to generally contribute to economic growth which translates to