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Month: June 2020

Women in Stem

Feminism has tried to reduce the gap between men and women in science, technology ,engineering and mathematics. By Demystifying the myth that STEM courses are for men, a lot of women across the world has enrolled in those courses and they are doing really well. However, gender balance is yet to achieved because as things

Supporting E-learning

Online learning through video conferencing is not complete if compared with the classroom learning especially for the teenagers . For this model to be optimized , I think there is need to have small organized discussion groups in local areas with a supervisor , this can be organized by the government during this Covid-19 period.

Cons of Face Masks

The face masks are the new normal to help in containing the spread of Covid-19, However, they also have sides effects and if worn for long they can irritations , limits free air movement , compromise speech and not good for young children who are incapacitated. How do we use the face masks then?


surrogacy is a legally supported agreement where a woman agrees to bear a child for another person who will become a child’s parent after birth. The love and emotional bonds of a child lies with the birth mother, if you can conceive and give birth to an offspring do not go for this practices because


Israel is regarded as a Jews , Christian and Muslim biblical holy land located in the middle east but it is majorly associated with Jewish religion. It is a peculiar thing that criticism or attack on Israel is the attack of all Jewish people and it is not surprising to near that any attack on

Social Distancing

Social distancing is really instrumental in containing the Covid-19 as per the world health organization guidelines and recommendations. Some people beliefs that Masks are supposed to be left for the health workers and people offering essential services door to door. Do you belief that if social places like shops, pools, restaurants, beaches could only maintain

Church Offering

The church offering which is like a church donation by congregation has been really hampered as most believers are experiencing harsh economic conditions. The evangelism , and missionary works has been put to almost a stand still since the online services seem not to impact much. However, some people still support God’s missionary work by

Impediments of E-learning

Nothing comes with its own shortfalls, most people are stressing on the importance of e-learning and being the best alternative to classroom learning . The challenges are not limited to developing the communication skills of the learners, pushing the pupil to absorb the materials while comfortable at home is almost impossible, Digital illiteracy is another

Compromised Security

It is not a news thing to hear that security systems has been compromised by ” all powerful” and rich not only in developing countries but also in developed countries, this has led to a lot of propaganda, denied justice and lack of trust in our security system. America used to have a very strong

Universal Online Education

Each country has a way of viewing the corona pandemic and its effects on education, as other nations are planning to resume schooling on a gradual basis from September this year, Ugandan government is developing a universal online learning systems to allows kids to be taught until a Covid-19 vaccine is discovered. is there stigma