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Month: July 2020

Human Wants And Needs

Human wants re the things you have desire to have or do and survive without while needs are life necessities. Every human being has needs which are to be satisfied but few have wants which are needs to them . Because of the network and internet technologies , human wants are slowly being converted to


search engine optimization enables your website to appear in top position for the targeted keywords and get organic web visits. These is normally mapped on the used tags, keys, quality of content,links and other searches. The technique has really helped businesses to thrive and globalized the information. which search engine optimization have you used or

Black Owned Businesses

Google through the use of google tools has now made it easier for people to search for blacked owned businesses on google my business visibility. The move to do so is a good idea to help blacks come together and enjoy their common culture, however, as the world is battling with racism, it is not

People’s War Until Communism

Franklin D. Roosevelt who was an american president from 1933-1945 despite the political and economic challenges he faced together with depression fought socialism like a devil and saved the capitalism in the country.These led to the country growing and developing and even in the countries which has socialism in them , they have started abandoning

Socialism in Economic Development

socialism has been deemed as the philosophy of failure, creed of ignorance and gospel of envy However, is socialism is well executed it can help fight racism and also create a good sense of humanity in human beings which is currently lacking in this modern society of exclusion. Women need to be motivated to join

Corruption Fight In Africa

Most African countries face a serious corruption fight challenges such as Nigeria and this has greatly been hindered by the democracy in politics and ethnicity with no honesty in the fight. Corruption fight has greatly been blamed on the Judicial systems which are greatly influenced and used as the proceeds of corruption i.e. you can

Human Sculptures and Monuments

In honor of the great heroes and heroins of the world, different objects have been named after them and even the sculptures and monuments built for those people. However, not all the so called heroes and heroins deserve that because some people gained their heroism through human oppression a and gross violations of human rights

Genius of The World

China has the largest number of geniuses in the whole world not the united states of america as the public believes.The mode of operation between the two makes one more known than the other i.e USA capitalizes on the human psychology and use of power while republic of china capitalizes on the “helping” and creating

Engineering Courses Or Business In Developing World

The demand for everything changes every other time, engineering courses were on high demand and currently engineering technology and the need to have a business background is taking over. Most developing nations are not manufacturing oriented and most work is hands on in implementation of the plans, and working for the final consumer. Between engineering

Professional Qualification

Putting down professionals and hustle like a primary school is the world of the day.the world of waiting for a good job is long gone because of the increased population and the need for everyone to survive in this world. education is an enabler not a qualification to good life. Do you encourage education investment