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Month: November 2020

Domain Name

Domain name are used by the search engines through the uniform resource locator to locate and display the contents of a website , Don’t just register a domain name. Do your homework and pick the right domain name for your brand. This way, you add memorability and credibility to your brand & online presence. The

Sacco and Microfinance

The saccos and microfinance companies have really brought about the revolution in the savings industry especially for lower class in the society. From the experience with the management of those entities it is clear that trust can be gained amongst people who have certain commonalities for example in Table banking commonly practiced in the developing

Solar Energy in Kenya

In the bid to adopt the green and renewable energy, companies in Kenya has started to invest in solar energy to provide an alternative to the current power supply company i.e. Kenya Power and lighting company which has been a monopoly since the 1920s. Having a monopoly is a tricky situation since there is no

Digital Goals

Reaching the digital goals means that you have to digitize your operations i.e. getting either a website application, online payment, ecommerce systems and linking to other applications where necessary .Digitization comes at a cost of migration and maintenance cost afterwards and other effects may include job losses etc. However, do you want to be left

Education Reforms

Things change year in year out and so is the education systems . Education system is the foundation of lives of the citizens of any country whether you wen tot school or not and therefore there has to be a strategic plan developed and commitment made to aim at world class education system for the

The Executive

The Executive arm of government which  in most countries comprises the President, the Deputy President and the Cabinet has the powers to implement and excited the orders. We have other arms such as the Legislature and the Judiciary . However, if the Government fails in most cases the blame is in the executive because it has


public advocate is an official who is charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints of maladministration or a violation of rights. In any Government, Having an independent Judicial system is the Best. where should the office of the ombudsman be in a corrupt Judiciary?

Monetization During Covid-19

Businesses have closed down, Jobs lost during this year of 2020, The Covid-19 year and in for the businesses to remain alive and Allow other people pay their daily bills. Monetization with companies such as Google has Been an option for many and we are really grateful for the support from those companies. What’s your


which is a succession of people from the same family who play a prominent role in business, politics, or another field. Being ruled by dynasties has not been good for most countries , nobody is opposing the rule but they don’t understand the language of the commoners atleast most of the time. what is your

Home Furnishing

A home is can only be called a home if it has been furnished otherwise it is just a structure. People mostly in the lower class like going for cheaper and maybe used products, The Experience with sell if used products online has not been good for some people because sometimes you can order a