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Month: November 2020

The Unending War

The war that was started by the colonial masters or during the World War I, II and Cold wars is still there live and kicking and that only thing that has changed is the method of fight. In Africa, the war against its own people is majorly sponsored by the western countries through the oppositions

The Reward

The world has a reward for everything that has been done under it for example the different factors of production have rewards i.e. The land which includes both renewable and non-renewable resources its reward is rent, Labor is the effort that people contribute to the production of goods and services has a reward called rent,


Monopolizing a certain sector in the economy is like a disease which is killing our people by oppressing them and making their lives even harder. In nay sector of economy, it should be known that where there is competing there is creativity and better services and that makes a country to grow by creating more

No Blame Game in Life

Life has no excuses and anyone who tries to use excuse as a reason as to why something never happened is trying to accept the fact that he is not capable of doing something. Life was never made to be easy in the first place and it is the challenges that we face in life

Better Together

The politics of division nd hate to protect personal interests is old schools and people need to open up their eyes and focus what really is of importance to them . Countries which are developed most them have demonstrated mature kind of politics which need to be adapted by the younger nations .Do you think

sexual assault

For the those who believe in the world creation by the supreme being our God, It was created for Adan and Adam here refers to both women and men to exist as per the Gods command and wish and procreate and fill the earth. This means that a man needs a woman to reproduce and

Building Bridges’ initiative

The BBI which has been termed as a journey to accomplish Kenya’s dreams since its independence. Kenya continues to build towards becoming a great nation which several constitutional amendments aimed at improve governance and to meet the just expectations of the Kenyan people is perpetual. The initiative agenda could have been addressed in the current

CPD in Engineering

The continues Professional Development which is the intentional maintenance and development of the knowledge and skills needed to perform in a professional context which also helps the person to manage your own learning and growth has ben very instrumental in the working space not only the engineering filed and with this knowledge someone is able

Uganda Politics

The current president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Musevi who have used police forces to suppress the opposition and trying to silence everyone who does not support his campaigns is a worried. He tweeted today on tweeter say “There is no opposition in Uganda which I cannot defeat. They have no track record of what they

PDU Training

Which is a one-hour blocks of time that you spend learning, teaching others, or volunteering. By accumulating and tracking these over a three-year period you can maintain your certification status with PMI. professional seminars, webinars, classes, or even self-directed learning which are mostly common form of continuous professional trainings and the Back PDUs are not