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Month: December 2020

corporatization of farm product

The corporatization farm product is one of the best move to help the farmers benefit from the sweat. In most markets where being a farmer is being considered weak and dependent , the buyers agents have dominated the market and this has led to exploitations of the producers as the agents are the does who

Recycling of Civil Servants

The recycling of civil servants who had retired some years ago has greatly been witnessed in African countries and this has continued to render more youths Jobs and surprisingly enough some of the civil servants have corruption cases which have not been cleared . Some young people dreams have been killed in that manner because

Avocado Taste in Kenya

The love for Avocados in Kenyan Market has a ladder from high school to the rest of the society. Research shows that buying avocados in Kenya is an emotional purchase for consumers and as such quality is a critical consideration. Consumers are demanding attractive displays with quality fruit. The fruits really changes the taste of

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant services which is basically a self-employment and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office has been used as the best alternatives in helping managers and companies to save on time and deliver quickly on tasks. This has created jobs foe people which are used as either

Fear and Respect Women

Women generally want to feel appreciated and have a say in a relationship. Love is there but it cannot be absolutely called love because nowadays it all depends on the circumstances and how a woman perceives a man to be . Most men have a good heart towards women and women too however, any female

Carer’s Care

For many in the caring profession, violence is a daily threat, but too little is done to support and protect carers in the profession. being a care giver is as hard as any other profession anywhere .The individuals you serve are multifaceted humans, and as a member of their support team, you build relationships with

Making Masks

The making and selling masks was the new way of diversifying your textile industry or business in 2020. Small firms which realized this earlier and switched to making Mask has somehow managed to survive the covid-19 pandemic waves and up to now the demand for the protective gear is till high since the Corona virus

2020 The Conflict Year

The use of drones intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance has been there for decades but 2020 marked the first time that armed drones were used in operational conflicts between two clearly defined sides. From the use of armed drones to social media blackouts, the past year has been one of firsts for warfare and it is


The carbon cutting mechanisms to help protect the environment and conserve is a work in progress by some countries which will translate to protecting our climate . However, there is a long way to go in cutting the carbon emissions in the world inline with the 2030 climatic goal. The United Kingdom have published a

Wooden Satellites

It is believed that developing wooden satellites to ill help cut space junk. japan has started research on tree growth and the use of wood materials in space and a Japanese company has partnered with Kyoto University and the partnership will begin experimenting with different types of wood in extreme environments on Earth. Space junk