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Month: February 2021

Why VMware Matter

The introduction of any new technology, it’s natural to question past assumptions and revisit previous questions. However, virtualization has become a standard infrastructure building block for hundreds of millions of applications, including those on public cloud. It triumphed because of the powerful abstraction it provides over physical hardware, allowing for better utilization, management, automation and

Website for Online Business

a company website is one of the most useful business tools available and the gains runs from Sales, credibility, customer loyalty, publicity and what retails want. Websites are an opportunity to communicate with your customers, positioning yourself in the best light and strengthening brand loyalty, Online shoppers love how quick and easy online shopping which

Transparency and Better Data Governance

The widespread awareness creates a unique opportunity for us to act: to build products, write laws and develop norms that result in a very different digital world and this brings the need to make a better internet which is based on ;AI transparency best practices to increase adoption by builders and policymakers, Accelerate the impact

Strategic Customer Service

It’s far less expensive to maintain relationships with past customers than to develop new relationships. Your customers keep you in business, so you need to have happy customers if you expect them to come back and in your business you should always emphasize on customer service first, Social media which is a powerful tool that

Genetic Algorithm in Art

Much is being done with genetics currently. This is a very Avant process for creating increasingly complex technological artworks truly blending machine and man. The Genetics and cloning knowledge has influenced creative artworks in the digital world and in Biology the genetic algorithm which is a search-based optimization technique based on the principles of Genetics

Money Evolution

Money is a fiction and it tends to feel like money is a factor of nature and evolution of money is the factors that we made that changes over time . In 550 BC the Greek came up with coins as a main form of exchange until 1000 AD when china invented paper money as

Atlantic Ocean circulation Slowing

The Atlantic Ocean circulation slowing is directly related to our warming climate, as melting ice alters the balance in northern waters. Its impact may be seen in storms, heat waves and sea-level rise and the influential current system plays a vital role in redistributing heat throughout our planet’s climate system and now it is moving

Super Follow Charges on Twitter

Twitter is trying to find more ways to make money both for itself and for its most prolific users, whether those are businesses, celebrities or regular people as it tries to branch out from advertising. The platform has new feature called “Super Follows,” which will let users charge for extra, exclusive material not shown to

Crypto Banks

In years to come, banks will almost certainly rely on sub-custody relationships with digital asset specialists to safely and effectively get crypto into their clients’ hands .Maybe federally chartered banks need tp start providing banking services to legally operated companies in the digital asset space and custody digital assets on behalf of their clients, banks

Mining Crypto and Investing

Cryptocurrency revolution has left too many of us out .Investing in crypto is risky and hard and mining it is not easy either. As the world becomes increasingly digital, cryptocurrency is a next natural step in the evolution of money. For the first time in history, people could securely exchange value, without requiring a third