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Month: April 2021

Bootcamp Mentality

Being prepared against what you are getting into in the job market is good but sometimes it is not adequate, entry-level workers have some sense of what they’re going to be up against but their expectations does not match their eventual reality. In most companies, senior people don’t really want to do that much work.

Procrastination on Small Tasks

Ay task you do, reframing our approach to the tasks, switching our emotional response and practicing some self-compassion we can work towards conquering the small to-do list items that trip us up helps in managing time. Tiny tasks have a way of taking up an abnormally large amount of space in our minds and the

arbitrary milestones of life

Young people feel pressure to live up to their parents’ and grandparents’ norms, even if those expectations really aren’t relevant anymore and on average, adults older than 25 still plan to get married, have kids and buy a home all before age 30, even though the number of people actually able to do so has

digital intensity Antidote

In real life, our brains aren’t wired to look at a flat image of a person on a grid and instead Brains are wired in the real world, and designed to use body cues, and all this other subtle stuff in order to process and communicate and since the covid-19 was declared a global pandemic

Multitasking Stimulates Thinking

The immediate consequences of multitasking is that the brain struggles to juggle two activities at once, and instead moves quickly between them – with a loss in accuracy each time it shifts its attention. For example If you are writing an email as you talk on the phone, you temporarily lose the capacity to process

France Role in Rwanda genocide

One of the critic said that President Paul Kagame’s response to the reports may have more to do with his grip on power than it does on justice. Two reports one commissioned by the French government and one by Rwanda’s government have underscored the role France played in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. According to the

Revolutionary Women in Myanmar

Protests have erupted around the country since the military seized control of the government after arresting democratic leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, on February 1, and declared a year-long state of emergency. Some 60 percent of protesters against the military coup are women who fear their hard-won rights hang in the balance. The military makes

Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism

The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism fails to produce true opposition to the core problem of the IHRA definition: the silencing and erasure of Palestine and Palestinians. JDA states Hostility to Israel could be an expression of an antisemitic animus, or it could be a reaction to a human rights violation, or it could be the

Need for Football Revolution

The pandemic has exposed how this system pushes clubs to rack up enormous debts chasing instant success. Of the 12 founding clubs of the new Super League, at least half have amassed massive debt burdens that now appear unserviceable, after match-day revenues from fan attendance disappeared in Europe’s COVID-19 lockdowns. Two days later, the ESL

Antitrust Clampdown in China

Tencent may be fined at least $1.5bn for not reporting details of investments and anti-competitive practices. China is preparing a substantial fine for Tencent Holdings as part of its sweeping antitrust clampdown on the country’s internet giants, but it is likely to be less than the record $2.75bn penalty imposed on Alibaba earlier this month,