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Month: June 2021

lower egg counts in women

exposure to common chemical contaminants was associated with reduced egg counts in the ovaries of reproductive-aged women. Though these chemicals have since been banned, they were once used in household products like flame retardants and mosquito sprays, and are still present in the environment and in foods like fatty fish. One factor linked to decreased

Earth’s core is growing lopsided

While the core is solid iron, it is surrounded by a fluid outer core and then a mantle of hot rock. In the mantle and the outer core, heat from the crystallising iron and hotter rock in the mantle moves upwards towards the surface, pushing colder material down. This movement is what generates the magnetic

Venus Answers

Venus is a post-apocalyptic wasteland: Its asphyxiating carbon dioxide atmosphere mingles with highly corrosive sulphuric acid clouds; its crushing surface pressures are equivalent to being a mile underwater; and its surface temperatures hit 900F. Curiously though, the presence of a rarer, heavier form of water in its atmosphere indicates that there once was a lot

human papillomavirus misconceptions

human papillomavirus is almost as common as the cold virus. The body generally clears human papillomavirus (HPV) without it causing damage, but a deep-seated stigma about the infection remains. Misconceptions and lack of knowledge about human papillomavirus (HPV) are causing women to feel “ashamed” and “terrified” during cervical screenings. Cervical screening, commonly referred to as

Hiking for Mental and Physical Fitness

Hiking differs in many way from taking a regular stroll around your neighbourhood. Not only is the terrain on many hiking routes uneven or rocky, there’s also typically some change in elevation, such as going up or down hills. People also tend to wear different footwear – such as hiking boots – which can be

sovereign adoption of Bitcoin

Bitcoin volatile price movements have been mirrored by other leading cryptocurrencies, A tumultuous couple of months for bitcoin saw the cryptocurrency hit a new all-time high before losing more than half its value in a spectacular crash that rippled through the market. What impact will El Salvador’s decision to adopt bitcoin as legal tender have

Fake Amazon Products Reviews

Fake and misleading reviews on Amazon product pages have long been an issue for the company, with several reports into the issue by the Which? consumer group in recent years, as well as investigations by the competition regulator. Social networks are not doing enough to stop posts encouraging fraudulent reviews, and is not taking them


Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 operating system has been leaked, revealing a new user interface, Start menu, and taskbar. The Windows logo that brings up programs, as well as other icons in the dock, brings up a centred rounded-edge rectangle with a grid of downloaded apps, recommended files, and a link to the user’s Microsoft account.

Drop in Sperm Count “Threatens” Humanity

The World Health Organisation sets a range of “normal” sperm count as from 15 to 250 million sperm per millilitre. (Men produce about 2 to 5 millilitres per ejaculation.) But it isn’t clear that more is better. Above a certain threshold 40 million per millilitre but the higher count does not mean a man is

Mucormycosis Found in Covid-19 Patients

The Covid-linked fungal infection can be fatal and permanently disfiguring. According to doctors, once inhaled the infection in such patients could spread into the sinus cavities, lungs, and chest cavities. Some of the signs and symptoms of the fungal infection include persistent pain and headaches caused when the fungus infects sinus cavities and nerves. A