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Month: August 2021

Cancer Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Tool

Pathologists play a crucial role in the detection and diagnosis of diseases, and their assessments are vital in reaching correct treatment decisions by oncologists. However, a rise in cancer prevalence and advances in personalized medicine have resulted in growing diagnostic complexity that significantly increases their workloads. In recent years, as pathology labs transition toward digital

War on Democracy

We must continue to fight for the essential foundations of democracy. That is the first and fundamental condition for a healthy and growing country. Because there is no security without democracy, and there is no economy and no health without democracy. Democracy registered an important achievement the changing of power without violence and this forms

3D model of a glioblastoma

Glioblastoma is a particularly aggressive disease, partially because it is unpredictable and such tumors can remain dormant in some patients for years.  Glioblastoma accounts for most brain malignancies . Researchers were able to print a 3D model of a glioblastoma, the deadliest type of brain cancer, from human tissues and it included complex system of

Pegasus hacking tools

Pegasus spyware was developed by Israeli tech company NSO Group, and can be used to covertly hack into mobile phones running iOS and Android, effectively enabling government spying. Pegasus spyware allows users to read text messages, track calls, collect passwords, track location, access the device’s microphone and camera, and harvest app data from a device

color revolution

Color revolution is a term often used by journalists globally to describe a variety of political movements in former Soviet or communist countries or regions. However the term is interpreted in different ways by differing journalists from being a genuine revolutionary reaction to the product of foreign political interference, and differing political movements and their

Corona is not respiratory

According to journal Circulation Research findings ,Covid-19 is not a respiratory illness, as widely accepted, but a vascular one. The S protein of the virus, the spike that forms the crown, attacks the receptor ACE2, damaging the mitocondrias that generate the energy of the cells, thus damaging the endothelium, which lines the blood vessel. This

Arctic sea ice loss with AI

Sea ice, a vast layer of frozen sea water that appears at the North and South poles, is notoriously difficult to forecast because of its complex relationship with the atmosphere above and ocean below. These accelerating changes have dramatic consequences for our climate, for Arctic ecosystems, and indigenous and local communities whose livelihoods are tied

Food Security Opportunity for Africa

Global population growth, combined with dramatic dietary changes, will over the next several decades put great stress on agriculture and food systems worldwide. To meet the expected demand, governments and producers must work together to create environmentally sustainable, market-driven systems of agriculture and food production. In Africa, a more productive and environmentally sustainable agriculture system

sixth-generation wireless technology.

6G is the successor to 5G cellular technology that uses higher frequencies than 5G networks, and therefore, provide substantially higher capacity and much lower latency of one microsecond (a thousand times faster than 5G). It is expected that 6G will support data rates of 9.6 Gbps or 1 Terabyte per second, allowing the download of

your business sacrifice for simplicity

Digital transformation has changed the world of work forever, and leaders crave simplicity as Business is becoming more complex . The promise of technology has always been to make life simpler. Simplifying the data centre with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) delivered a no-brainer agility boost but with serious overheads in terms of lack of flexibility and