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Month: October 2021

Dish to expand-5g-network in partnership with crypto shop helium

Dish Network Corporation has enlisted the help of Helium Inc. to extend 5G signals through customers’ hotspots as it continues with its process of building a fourth nationwide U.S. wireless network, The plan, announced Tuesday, calls for customers to install transmitters in their homes or offices. These devices work on unlicensed 5G airwaves and customers

Ransomware Attack on Guinea Finance Department

The attack on the Guinea’s Department of Finance’s Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) occurred at 1 a.m. local time on Oct. 22. Papua New Guinea’s finance department acknowledged late Thursday that its payment system, which manages access to hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid money, was hit with a ransomware attack. Is the

Twitter Mocks Facebook Name Change

The Facebook social media app will continue to use its original name, but other app such as WhatsApp and Instagram will distance themselves from it. Twitter has mocked Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook is changing its name to Meta on its own social media platform. The Facebook boss said on Thursday that the company’s name

Tesco Site Down

The Tesco website appears have briefly broken again, just days after a major outage that took it offline for much of the weekend and logged on shoppers were instead directed to a “queue” that never actually seemed to end. The site said that it was especially busy and so users had been forced to wait

New Apple Operating System for Computers

The Monterey, the latest version of MacOS comes with a range of features, many of which have already been seen in iOS 15, which was released last month. They include updates to apps such as Messages and Safari, “Focus” tools that let you block out specific notifications and new FaceTime features including the option to

Company Mission Statement

For young investors in a company, the mission statement sends useful signals. It articulates what a firm does and gives clues to where its priorities lie. Such information matters all the more when founders exercise outsized voting power. People sit in a room earnestly discussing the differences between their purpose, their vision and their mission. 

ByteDance Ltd: Susquehanna International Group to sell its Tiktok Shares

Susquehanna International Group is looking to sell about $500 million of its shares in the TikTok owner, seeking to diversify its portfolio during China’s tech crackdown and profit from the start-up’s growth. China launched a sweeping crackdown on its giant private sector a year ago, exerting control over everything from e-commerce to ride-hailing and online

Google Work Profile tool

The company have announced they are rolling out their Work Profile tool to more users next year, which allows Android users to hide their work apps and data with the flip of a switch and keeps their personal phone use safe from their workplace which is going to be available to people using Google Workspace

Posting from a pc to Instagram

The Instagram social media site has unveiled a major update to the desktop versions of its platform, including the ability to actually post pictures and updates using your computer rather than your phone and it comes as the Instagram community has “long requested” that developers give them the ability to post via their computers. Up

Snapchat New safety features

The Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said his vision for his app involves allowing parents to hold their teens’ hands while the kids are navigating the site. The news comes after Snapchat hired a Global Head of Platform Safety who will be in charge of keeping the company’s safety strategy organized and proactive. The photo-based social