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Month: November 2021

Increased Use of Antidepressants in United States

Antidepressant use has skyrocketed since 1999, leading it to become one of the most popular types of pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S. Approximately one in six Americans on antidepressants, including more than a quarter of those as long-term users, defined as a decade or more of us, as of 2016. However, high rates of antidepressant

Japanese menstrual leave policy

In Japan, there have been federal menstrual leave policies put in place since 1947 to help female employers deal with the effects of their menstrual flows. The 1947 Labor Standards Law enacted a menstrual leave policy for menstruators under Article 68. Specifically, the article states that “when a woman for whom work during menstrual periods would

Feminism Issue in South Korea

The country has Never has the country experienced a vicious conflict between the sexes as it is now. The growing social divide between the men and women of South Korea shows no signs of subsiding in the near future and threatens to seep into the upcoming presidential election. Fueled by the rise of self-proclaimed “feminists,”

Vaccine Inequity in Africa

Vaccine scarcity. Africa is not getting vaccinated, and something needs to be done. Since Africa announced its first confirmed case of COVID-19 in February of last year, the pandemic has broken over the continent in devastating waves. Over 8 million people have been infected and over 220,000 have died, although estimates of the true numbers

Sino-Soviet split

The Sino-Soviet split was a milestone in Cold War international relations and one of the most poignant developments of the 20th century, transforming the Cold War and world stage from a bilateral confrontation to a trilateral one. This rearrangement of global power centres led to the breaking of Communism as a monolith in the eyes

Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain and smart contract technology could revolutionise government accountability and prevent campaign promises from being broken. This may not lead to the same amount of job losses in other fields of work, as this distributed ledger technology may just affect the way agreements, policies and voting systems are clearly and openly structured and maintained rather

mistrial of Joshua Schulte

In 2017 Wikileaks published the so-called “Vault 7” leaks, confidential CIA documents that demonstrated the agency’s ability to hack into networked cars, smart TVs, web browsers, and popular operating systems, and even hide their activities and make it look like the devices were not hacked. In 2018 former CIA contractor Joshua Schulte was arrested and

same sex marriage in Japan

Legalising same-sex marriage in Japan would be unpopular in such a land of tradition, a legal change of this kind would widely be viewed as a threat to tradition, culture and the Japanese family. While homophobia in the west is often based religious belief, fear, or antiquated gender concepts, in Japan these attitudes are more

Tolerant Society

Intolerance thrives in environments that are riddled with corruption, when people are oppressed under the strain of corruption they often become more inclined to engage in corrupt behaviour themselves. This fire of an intolerant environment is often stoked by those individuals intent on distracting a population’s attention from their own corrupt behaviour, using common prejudices

metaverse can change the world

In October 2021 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced his company would be re-branding as Meta Platforms as a reference to working toward creating a ‘Metaverse’. The metaverse is a concept that arose in the 1990s, speculating that the Internet would develop into an online 3D world that could be accessed through virtual and augmented reality