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Month: March 2022

“Hacking” Russia’s Central Bank

Hacking group Anonymous has claimed an attack on Russia’s Central Bank. The account has not yet given proof that it had successfully undertaken the hack, or that it had access to the promised documents. The hacking group has attacked numerous other Russian organisations as part of a solidarity campaign in support of Ukraine following the

World Pollution

The world created 2.2bn tons of waste in 2021. By 2050 that figure is expected to double. With only 14% of municipal solid waste recycled globally per year, this film asks what can be done to raise that figure. Economies built on “take, make, dispose” need to become more circular and embrace “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

Rouble Against Dollar after Sanctions

In Response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the West launched an economic war. The idea was to send Russia’s economy into free fall, punishing President Vladimir Putin for his aggression. In the week after the invasion the rouble fell by a third against the dollar, and the share prices of many Russian companies collapsed. Do

Russia Aim in Ukraine

Backing off from Ukraine’s capital was not a gesture of much consequence. “Our main aim,” a trio of generals said at a defence-ministry briefing on March 25th, had always been “liberating Donbas” two Russian speaking provinces in the east of the country. Before the invasion the Russian proxies in the two “People’s Republics” of Donetsk

$600m hack Crypto Hack

Thousands, if not millions, of people could have lost money in the second largest crypto hack in history. Ronin Network, a key platform powering the popular mobile game Axie Infinity, has had $615m stolen. Ronin Network, which is also owned by Vietnamese parent company Sky Mavis, allows players to exchange the digital coins they earn


The planet has nearly 8bn people and is expected to grow to nearly 10bn by 2050. We are already seeing mass biodiversity loss, climate change, pollution, deforestation, and food and water insecurity. Antinatalists consider human reproduction an irreversible, unnecessary, indefensible, and enduring form of harm, regardless of circumstances, situations, or consciousness in living. Anti-natalists argue

wetlands Protection

Wetlands are home to an abundance of animal and insect life and a vital part of the fight against climate change, yet they are disappearing at an alarming rate. wetland is a catch-all term for anything from a puddle to an ocean, but in the context of the environment the term usually refers to freshwater

Facebook Climate Denial

Facebook pushes climate sceptics towards increasingly extreme disinformation and conspiracy groups, a human-rights body’s research suggests. Facebook says its systems are “designed to reduce misinformation”. Examples included posts accusing the “green movement” of “enslaving humanity” and calling the United Nations “an authoritarian regime with less credibility than Bugs Bunny”. Who is to tackle climate change

reconsider Russian anti-virus software use

The National Cyber Security Centre has said more organisations should reconsider the risk of using Russian technology, including anti-virus software. German authorities issued a new tougher warning calling for Kaspersky products to be removed after the Ukraine conflict began, raising questions about whether the UK would follow. Do you think that Kaspersky Antivirus is Independent


Children as young as five use social media, despite most platforms having rules users must be over the age of 13. An annual study into media habits, from Ofcom, highlighted the mini social-media mavens, with a third of parents of five- to seven-year-olds revealing their child had a social-media profile. a significant minority may already