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Month: May 2022

Whale Traders Caused Crypto Crash

A cryptocurrency crash that wiped $40 billion from investors’ holdings was caused by just seven traders, according to new research. The crash contributed to a market-wide downturn, which saw bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other leading cryptocurrencies to fall to 18-month price lows. Crypto analytics firm Nansen released an in-depth report on the downfall of

Artificial Intelligence revolutionalizing Tennis play

Data analytics has been around a long time in sport. Perhaps the best known in example of its use is from 2002, when the Oakland Athletics baseball team used statistical analysis to choose their squad, rather than the wisdom of coaches and scouts, and their favoured metrics. Tennis has also seen this revolution. “Data blew

Global rise in Oil price

Prices for oil and gas have soared in recent months, fuelled by the lifting of lockdowns and the Ukraine war. Rising energy costs are putting pressure on consumers, making it more expensive to heat homes and drive. Oil prices have hit fresh highs after European Union leaders agreed on a plan to block more than

Assault on Yasmin Evans

Yasmin worked for BBC Radio 1Xtra for nine years and presented the breakfast show with Twin B for three years. She’s from Manchester and began her radio career at the age of 15. While studying a degree in radio at the University of Salford, she was approached by the BBC to take part in their

game loot boxes exploit

Consumer groups in 18 European countries have backed a report calling gaming loot boxes “exploitative.” The contents of the virtual boxes are only revealed through either game play or by making a payment. While some contain useful tools or desirable extras which improve the experience, others are worthless. Critics say the boxes are a form

Easing Covid-19 in Shanghai

Authorities in Shanghai have announced that some Covid-19 lockdown measures imposed on businesses will be lifted from Wednesday. The commercial centre has been under a strict lockdown for almost two months. Meanwhile, China’s capital Beijing has reopened parts of its public transport system as well as some shopping malls and other venues as infections ease.

digital ID firm to partner with UK Cinemas

The UK Cinema Association which includes Cineworld, Odeon, Showcase Cinemas, and Vue – are partnering with digital ID firm Yoti. The free app will be accepted as proof of age, providing a safe and convenient way to show ID. In order to use the Yoti ID, children will need to have a smartphone where they

China Climate Policy

In 2020, China’s President Xi Jinping said his country would aim for its emissions to reach their highest point before 2030 and for carbon neutrality before 2060.China became the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide in 2006 and is now responsible for more than a quarter of the world’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. Along with

Shell accused of polluting the environment

A safety consultant at oil and gas giant Shell has stopped working for the firm, as she accused its top executives of failing to protect the environment. Caroline Dennett said on LinkedIn that the company is “causing extreme harms to our climate, environment, nature and to people”. Ms Dennett said she had been a safety

Soaring Oil Prices

Since the start of 2021, prices for oil and gas have jumped roughly two-fold or more, as demand roars back from the shock of 2020 Covid lockdowns. As the market heats up, forecasts suggest US production will increase by about one million barrels per day this year. The war in Ukraine, which has pushed countries