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Month: August 2022

Brazil-Russia trade agreement

Despite the war in Ukraine, Brazil wants to consolidate its trade relationship with Russia by expanding Russian imports substantially. The arrival of Russian oil in Brazil would only strengthen this burgeoning commercial relationship further. While Russian oil could be fueling Brazilian cars soon, the logistics of redirecting oil reserves that had been intended for Europe

Johnny Depp fall from grace

The mud fight between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard opened up in May 2016 and has since revolved mainly around the subject of whether Depp has been violent towards his wife and whether or not he is a “woman beater,” as The Sun called him with momentous consequences. Johnny Depp is a famous

Amazonian tribe is no more

Brazil’s Indigenous agency restricts access to the areas surrounding isolated tribes and follows their movements periodically to monitor their locations and prevent them from being contacted unnecessarily. The last surviving member of an isolated Amazonian tribe died this month, Known in Brazil as the “man of the hole,” he had lived alone for nearly 30

Truth Social is unavailable on Android phones

Truth Social markets itself as a free speech app, and has more permissive policies than some mainstream social media apps. The company does add warning banners to some violent posts, but allows them to stay on the platform. The app was launched primarily as a way for Mr Trump and his supporters to continue to

Iraq’s political crisis

Iraqis have asked whether political tensions meant they were headed for civil war or a snap election. Last night, Baghdad saw its worst violence in years.Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, is calm again after a night filled with the sound of rockets and gunfire. The Green Zone, also known as the international zone and home to parliament

Mukesh Ambani launches India’s $25bn 5G rollout plan

The fifth generation of high-speed mobile internet – or 5G – supports emerging technologies such as driverless cars and artificial intelligence. It seen to be central to India’s plans to transform the country into a $1tn digital economy. Earlier this month, the Indian government concluded a record $19bn auction for airwaves, including 5G airwaves, where

Swappable batteries for electric vans and lorries

Japan’s giant automakers are now looking at doing something similar with delivery vans and light trucks. One of the most successful battery-swapping schemes for electric vehicles (evs) is run by Gogoro, a Taiwanese firm. What makes Gogoro’s scheme so popular is that it uses a standardised battery which fits into machines produced by different manufacturers.

The new new cardinals in Roman Catholic Church

Canon law, the set of rules that governs Roman Catholicism, puts no limit on the number of cardinals a pope may choose. Pontiffs, assuming they are in the position for some time, usually choose most of the cardinals who pick their successor. Since 1975 only cardinals under the age of 80 have been allowed to

political violence in America

After the FBI raided Donald Trump’s Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, threats against law enforcement surged and an armed man tried to break into the agency’s office in Cincinnati. Election, health-care and school officials are feeling increasingly unsafe doing their jobs. America now is trying to control militia movement and the rise in violence. Is America entering

Kherson under Russia

A city of 285,000 people, Kherson is the first regional capital and by far the largest town that Russian forces have taken and held. Elsewhere his war machine has failed to make quick inroads and is already resorting to barbarism. Fresh videos on March 2nd of attacks on government buildings and in residential areas in