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Month: September 2022

Tradition Vs modernity in Japanese royal family

In 2019, a lot changed for the Japanese royal family. Prince Naruhito became the emperor of Japan after his father Akihito abdicated. His brother Akishino was then declared the Crown Prince. The current monarch of Japan is Emperor Naruhito (born in 1960). His wife Masako is the Empress of Japan and Emperor’s consort. Together they

Quantum Computers

The main difference between a traditional and a quantum computer is the number of bits they can use. In quantum computers, we no longer speak of bits, but of qubits . The property that makes qubits much more special than conventional bits is what is known as superposition, a principle of quantum physics in which

Ebola outbreak in Uganda

It is a deadly virus with initial symptoms which can include a sudden fever, intense weakness, muscle pain and a sore throat.Subsequent stages can include vomiting, diarrhoea and in some cases both internal and external bleeding, known as haemorrhaging. Ebola spreads between humans by direct contact with bodily fluids and contaminated environments. Funerals can be

Donald Trump to lead negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Western nations.

Germany, Sweden, and Denmark have recently accused the Kremlin of causing a leak in the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which transports gas between Russia and Germany. The Russian government has denied any responsibility for the underwater leaks currently affecting the Baltic Sea. This has been the latest controversy since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

Putin annexes four regions of Ukraine

Putin’s decision to sign treaties annexing the territories, some of which Russia does not fully control, is a major escalation of Russia’s seven-month-old war and is likely to shut the door on diplomacy for years to come.Putin has repeatedly said he is ready to defend the territories using all available means, indicating he would be

eBay removes listings for the wristbands

The online site eBay is removing listings for the wristbands given to people queueing to see the Queen lying in state. The eBay events tickets policy says tickets for things such as concerts, festivals, sports or theatre cannot be listed on the site. Some people have sought to cash in by selling the bands, which

China new space station

China is building its own space station after being excluded by the US from the International Space Station because its military runs the country’s space programme. Two Chinese astronauts went on a spacewalk Saturday from a new space station that is due to be completed later this year. China became the third nation to send

Meta disables Russian propaganda network

A sprawling disinformation network originating in Russia sought to use hundreds of fake social media accounts and dozens of sham news websites to spread Kremlin talking points about the invasion of Ukraine. The fake social media accounts were then used to spread links to the fake news stories and other pro-Russian posts and videos on

Amazon Kindle Scribe for reading and writing

Amazon has released its latest Kindle that gives users a writing option for the first time since the original device was launched 15 years ago. The newest Kindle features a 10.2-inch screen and comes with a magnetically attached pen, with a starting price of £329.99. Amazon said the device was designed for reading and notetaking

Volodymyr Zelenskiy to defend Ukraine at all cost

President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to address both houses of the Russian parliament on Friday and may use the address to formally announce the accession into Russia of the Ukraine territories that held referendums. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said Ukraine will “defend” its citizens in Russian-occupied regions, as authorities there announced the results of so-called