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Month: December 2022

impersonations on Twitter

Blue tick versions of major brand accounts such as Apple, Nintendo, BP and Chiquita were suspended. Fake accounts posing as high-profile individuals like Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg were also removed. Fake “verified” accounts in the names of politicians, celebrities, major organisations and businesses started appearing on the platform on Thursday. Twitter suspended many of them,

US Military linked to propaganda campaigns on Meta platforms

Meta’s announcement confirms previous reporting by the Washington Post. Sources told the newspaper concern over the operation had made the Pentagon complete “a sweeping audit” of how the US military conducted clandestine information warfare.”Individuals associated with the US military” are linked to an online propaganda campaign, The campaign was the first major covert pro-US propaganda

new Crypto exchange industry rules

In many countries, cryptoassets are lightly regulated compared with other financial sectors, with few protections for consumers. The head of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange [binance] has told global leaders new regulations are needed. Mr Zhao said the recovery fund for otherwise strong companies unable to find enough cash, or assets that can be easily

Thirst for African gas

Germany the European country most dependent on Russian supplies before the war has been keen to tap Senegal’s gas deposits. Wealthy Western nations facing an energy crunch are eyeing natural gas in Africa at the expense of supporting green transition in poorer countries, climate activists at COP27 charge. Gas-rich Norway has since overtaken Russia as

Death sentence in Iran

The court also sentenced five people to between five and ten years’ imprisonment for disturbing public order. The verdict comes after the Iranian government denied a request by more than 200 members of parliament to impose stiffer punishments for the detained participants. A revolutionary court in Tehran on Sunday sentenced to death a detainee for

Elizabeth Holmes on theranos scandal

In 2014, Elizabeth Holmes, then 30 years old, was on top of the world. A University drop-out, she had founded a company valued at $9bn for supposedly bringing about a revolution in diagnosing disease. With a few drops of blood, Theranos promised that its Edison test could detect conditions such as cancer and diabetes quickly

Nelting Nvidia graphics card cable

Social-media users posted photos online appearing to show damage to the cable used to power the Nvidia RTX 4090, launched in October 2022. They claimed the graphics card, which retails for £1,699, was “melting” the adapter supplied in the box. The graphics card is the most powerful yet from Nvidia – but this comes at

Activision to pull down World of Warcraft in China

Activision, one of the world’s largest games developers, said it had been unable to reach a deal consistent with its “operating principles and commitments to players and employees”. World of Warcraft, Overwatch and Diablo 3 are among the big Activision Blizzard video-games titles that will disappear in China in January 2023. The games developer and

Taking lab-grown chicken

Several start-up food companies have been trying to develop similar products, which could lead to big savings in carbon emissions and water, as well as freeing up land for nature. A meat product grown in a lab has been cleared for human consumption for the first time. It has been made in steel tanks by

Safety on twitter

The platform’s new owner Elon Musk has cut thousands of staff and a number of key managers overseeing safety and content have also left the company. Safety group Tech Against Terrorism has raised concerns about the staff cuts and proposed moderation plans at the social media site. moderation of terrorist content is a significant challenge