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Month: February 2023

TikTok cybersecurity fears

Critics frequently accuse TikTok of harvesting huge amounts of data from users. A cybersecurity report published in July 2022 by researchers at Internet 2.0, a Australian cyber company, is often cited as evidence. Donald Trump’s 2020 executive order alleged TikTok’s data collection could potentially allow China to “track the locations of federal employees and contractors,

Using AI for assignments

ChatGPT has become hugely popular since it launched in December. It is trained on large amounts of data that enable it to make predictions about how to string words together. It can be hard to detect using traditional anti-plagiarism software because it generates a brand new answer for questions asked. ChatGPT, which reacts to users

violations at Xinjiang plant in China

Germany’s automobile giant Volkswagen Group (VW) said on Tuesday that there were no signs of human rights violations in its plant in China’s western Xinjiang region. The Chinese government has been accused of engaging in human rights abuses against the Muslim Uyghur population in Xinjiang since the 2000s, including mass forced labor in detention camps.

Ukrainian President sacks a senior commander

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, dismissed a top army commander in the eastern Donbass in a decree, although no reason was given. The move comes amid heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine, particularly near Bakhmut, a town of strategic importance in the Donetsk region which has been contested for weeks. Ukraine seeks to carry out an offensive

Moldova adopts new national language

The pro-EU Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), with a majority of 63 of 101 in Moldova’s parliament since June 2021, drafted a constitutional amendment that would replace the “Moldovan language” with the “Romanian language” as the official national language in the text of the Constitution, In principle, the Constitution is amended by a majority of

Africa Global crypto investors scrammed $5.9 billion

Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa ranked among the leading countries from where scammers, using these guiles, generated the most revenue per user last year, according to a report by blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis. African investors may have shared the least percentage of investment scams in cryptocurrency which reached $5.9 billion globally last year. But the

Putin revokes Moldovan sovereignty decree

On February 13th, Moldovan President Maia Sandu accused Putin and the Russian state of plotting a coup in her country, one that aimed to use protestors from the “so-called opposition” to “overthrow the constitutional order.” Vladimir Putin has canceled a key Kremlin commitment to Moldavan sovereignty just one week after the country’s president accused the

The DRC-Rwanda conflict

The M23, a largely Tutsi-led group ended nine years of inactivity in November 2021 and returned to war, accusing the DRC of ignoring a promise to integrate its fighters into the army and ethnic-cleansing their supporters and related groups in the Kivu. President Paul Kagame has said that a “red line was crossed” in the

The disappearance of Bao Fan, Chinese billionaire

Over the last two years, China has witnessed an unprecedented number of crackdowns on major technology firms. Bao Fan, a prominent dealmaker in the technology sector in China, established China Renaissance in 2005. Following his disappearance, the company’s shares listed in Hong Kong fell by up to 29%, but they increased by 2.3% on Monday.

Kadyrov threatens to invade ‘East Germany’

Kadyrov exposed to the Russian public the old expansionist dream of returning to the times of the Soviet Union, with half of Europe under the Warsaw Pact and the German Democratic Republic at Moscow’s command. The President of the Russian Republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, suggested, in state television, that the Russian army should invade