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Month: June 2023

United States urged to mediate peace between Russia and Ukraine

Peace has been elusive as Ukraine has launched a counteroffensive to recapture territories Russia seized in the opening stages of its invasion 16 months ago. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has demanded that Russia cease hostilities, withdraw its forces and restore Ukraine’s complete territorial integrity in a 10-point peace plan proposed last year which Russia flatly

Eurozone Inflations

Central banks in Europe, the US and the UK are expected to keep raising interest rates until inflation is down to a 2% target, considered best for the economy. The eurozone annual inflation rate dropped slightly to 5.5% in June, down from 6.1% the month before, Energy prices dropped 5.6% after last year’s crisis, while

suspension of Cambodia’s leader Hun Sen from Facebook

Facebook parent Meta’s Oversight Board on Thursday recommended  suspension of Cambodia’s leader Hun Sen for six months over an earlier video, posted in January. It overturned an earlier decision by Facebook to keep the video live, citing “newsworthiness”. Cambodia’s leader Hun Sen has quit Facebook and threatened to block it in his country after the

Netherlands to restrict Chip exports

In October last year, the US imposed sweeping export restrictions on shipments of American chipmaking tools to China to prevent its technology from being used to strengthen Beijing’s military. But for the US restrictions to be effective it needs other key suppliers, such as the Netherlands, to join forces. The Netherlands has announced new rules

Google to remove news links in Canada

Canada’s parliament passed the Online News Act last week, requiring platforms like Google and Meta’s Facebook to negotiate deals with news providers. Google had previously called the Canadian law “unworkable” in its current form and proposed amendments. Both Google and Meta have held talks with the government about the legislation. A similar law in Australia

Prigozhin leaves Russia for Belarus

Responding to the challenge in a televised address, Putin accused Prigozhin of a “stab in the back” that posed a threat to Russia’s very survival. Within hours of Prigozhin’s about-face, the Kremlin announced he would leave for Belarus and Russia would not prosecute either him or the group’s members. It had been a dramatic day

China US tech wars

Japan and South Korea have announced a closer collaboration on technology, with Samsung planning to build a new chip research and development center in Japan. Other chipmakers are following suit as their future in China looking less clear. The tension between China and the United States grows and, economically, there is an open conflict involving

Missing Russian generals after failed Wagner Mutiny

Prigozhin, who had spent months vilifying Shoigu and Gerasimov for their alleged incompetence in the Ukraine war, had frequently praised Surovikin who is widely respected in the army for his experience in Chechnya and Syria. Surovikin, who did a stint as overall commander of the Ukraine war before Gerasimov was appointed to take over, is

Sri Lanka debt restructuring

Sri Lanka has a total debt of more than $83 billion (€76 billion) , of which $41.5 billion (€37 billion) is foreign and $42.1 billion is domestic. The island nation is now seeking to reduce half of it’s local debt through a restructuring program. Following the cabinet approval for the plan, the county has begun

European Union to discuss Wagner mutiny

While Ukraine, and its prospects of joining the EU, were on the agenda, the question of how to respond to the upheavals in Russia has quickly become the most urgent topic. The leaders of the 27 EU member states met in Brussels on Thursday for a two-day summit, nearly a week after the Wagner mercenary