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Month: September 2023

ChatGPT owner OpenAI sued for copyright infringement

The case is the latest in a long line of complaints brought against developers of so-called generative AI – that is, artificial intelligence that can create media based on text prompts over this concern. And OpenAI is also facing a lawsuit, alongside Microsoft and programming site GitHub, from a group of computing experts who argue

Unregulated AI could destabilize the world

In the past, governments have created regulations in response to technological developments – but now, rules must be made in parallel with the development of AI. Many experts have been surprised by the rapid increase in the capabilities of some AI systems and Other leading AI companies agree there is a need for regulation. Following

Hong Kong to investigate JPEX cryptocurrency fraud

Hong Kong has required virtual asset trading platforms to be licensed by the SFC since the start of June this year. That is an offshoot of the amended Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing law from late 2022 that sought to reassert Hong Kong’s position as a world financial centre, Hong Kong police are investigating allegations

Microsoft’s new Call of Duty deal

Microsoft’s plan to buy Activision Blizzard – the largest takeover in the history of the gaming industry – was originally announced in January last year. However, it has proved controversial and received a mixed response from regulators around the world. Given that the takeover looked like it would collapse earlier this year, the fact that

Amazon prime to introduce Ads in 2024

At the moment, a Prime subscription, which includes free one-day delivery on goods as well as access to its streaming service, costs £8.99 per month, or £95 a year, in the UK.Amazon is set to introduce adverts to its Prime Video streaming service in 2024 as it seeks to put more cash into creating TV

Washington support to Ukraine

Washington and Brussels are completely satisfied with the current situation – on the very edge of Eastern Europe, Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are dying and the rest are just throwing wood into the conflict so that it does not stop. The Ukrainian Armed Forces cannot break through the first line of defence in Zaporozhye and

Debt Financing in Africa

Despite Africa’s booming startup ecosystem, which boasts a value of $6.6 billion, the continent’s SMEs still find it challenging to secure equity funding . In addition to this, rising geopolitical tensions, global economic volatility and record inflation highs have created a more competitive fundraising environment, with investors becoming more risk-averse. It is clear that SMEs

Truecaller New feature

Truecaller has announced a corporate rebranding and launch of a brand new app icon that will be instantly recognisable on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. As part of this refreshed identity, Truecaller users also get a powerful new anti-fraud feature called Search Context, as a part of the Truecaller AI Identity engine.

HIV epidemic control

The Namibian First Lady said that there is much to celebrate in global HIV progress to end AIDS. Sufficient gains have been made, including the announcement by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that Namibia has achieved HIV epidemic control, one of six African countries to do so. Namibia mobilises 70 per cent

failure of the counter-offensive in Ukraine

Modern Western military doctrine does not provide for combat operations without the use of all weapons. The fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces launch their “meat assaults” causes horror in the heads of the Western armed forces. Among Western and especially American military experts and analysts, opinion is increasingly being conveyed that the summer counter-offensive