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Month: May 2024

Reddit stock jumps

In a February filing, the company indicated its intentions to explore new monetization channels beyond advertising revenue, including offering creator tools and licensing its data to third parties. Reddit already has data licensing agreements with undisclosed firms that are projected to contribute at least $66.4 million in revenue this year. Shares of Reddit rose nearly

Investigations over generative AI disclosures

In March, the European Union approved what many called a landmark AI regulation, known simply as the AI Act, which establishes oversight and enforcement procedures for AI technology deemed “high risk.” The law additionally bans certain risky AI applications, including “emotion recognition, predictive policing, and AI that manipulates human behavior or exploits people’s vulnerabilities.” Microsoft

Microsoft wont face antitrust scrutiny in United Kingdom

There has been growing scrutiny of Big Tech’s latest tactic to dodge regulatory oversight by pursuing “quasi-mergers,” through which they seek to secure control over new technologies without buying startups outright. This might be through making investments, procuring seats on boards, hiring founding teams and so on. Microsoft won’t be facing antitrust scrutiny in the

Th board suspends case against SpaceX

The U.S. National Labor Relations Board told a federal judge in Texas that it will suspend an administrative case accusing SpaceX of illegally firing engineers critical of CEO Elon Musk while the rocket maker pursues a lawsuit challenging the agency’s structure. The board in a January complaint pending before an administrative judge in Los Angeles

Facebook turns off news in Canada

The Online News Act last June promised “fairness in the Canadian digital-news marketplace”. The idea, inspired by a similar law in Australia, was to force Google and Meta, the kings of search and social media, to pay news outlets when their articles appear in search results and social feeds. Publishers and broadcasters have long complained

Gaza Strip pier project completed

Heavy fighting between Israeli troops and Palestinian militants on the outskirts of Rafah has displaced some 600,000 people, a quarter of Gaza’s population, U.N. officials say. Another 100,000 civilians have fled parts of northern Gaza now that the Israeli military has restarted combat operations there.The U.S. military finished installing a floating pier for the Gaza

HPV Vaccination

HPV is a sexually transmitted infection and is responsible for almost all cases of cervical cancer – the fourth most common cause of cancer in women worldwide. Many women will be infected with HPV over the course of their lifetime without any ill-effect, Some types of HPV are high-risk because they are linked to the

Social Platforms addiction

As with most social networks, users of Meta platforms must be 13 or over, but as Ofcom revealed in a recent report many much younger children use accounts, sometimes with the knowledge of their parents. The Instagrm and Facebook addictions has been under investigation by the European Union commission over whether they are so addictive

China’s Nio unveils new EV model to compete with Tesla

Like other EV makers, Tesla has been struggling with falling sales in the face of intense competition from Chinese brands. Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker Nio has unveiled the first car from its new lower-priced brand Onvo, in a direct challenge to Tesla’s best-selling car. It comes in the same week that US President Joe

Threat to  Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

One of the top foldables from the current bunch is the OnePlus Open. It’s regularly regarded as one of the best folding phones and is a model we’d recommend if you want a premium folding phone experience. But it looks like there might not be a successor in 2024.Foldables have shaken up the smartphone market