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Boeing new failure

Boeing has been at the center of several high-profile malfunctions this year, including lost wheels, engine failures, and blown-out door plugs. The mishap comes just days after the Justice Department announced Boeing would plead guilty to a criminal fraud conspiracy charge from two deadly crashes of its 737 Max planes that killed 346 passengers and

Dusty Rafah

An estimated 1.4 million Palestinians crammed into Rafah after fleeing fighting elsewhere in Gaza. The U.N. estimates that around 50,000 remain in Rafah, which had a pre-war population of about 275,000. Efforts to bring aid into southern Gaza have stalled. Israel’s incursion into Rafah closed down one of two major crossings into the south of

Meta Fine against European data privacy laws

Throughout most of the world, Meta monetizes its sites using targeted ads, which means it harvests your data to focus your ads on your interests. To attempt to appease the DMA’s privacy regulations, the company lets European users subscribe to an ad-free plan for €9.99 per month , but the region is now saying this

Perplexity AI data scrapping claims

Perplexity AI search startup has been a darling of prominent tech investors, including heavy hitters such as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. But in the past few weeks, the company has found itself in hot water amid accusations of plagiarism. Amazon is reviewing claims that the artificial intelligence startup Perplexity AI is scraping content including from

Failing United Nations Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals Report highlights stark economic challenges, with per-capita gross domestic product (GDP) growth in half of the world’s most vulnerable nations slower than in advanced economies. Nearly 60 per cent of countries faced abnormally high food prices in 2022, exacerbating hunger and food insecurity. With just six years remaining to reach the

App security threats

The broad nature of web application and API threats requires specialized approaches to stop specialized attacks. However, a consolidated approach helps ensure better security, latency-free connectivity, and business growth. The distributed denial-of-service attacks, bot traffic, and accelerated exploitation of zero-day bugs have been the primary cybersecurity threats against web apps and APIs over a year-long.

Growing AI Tech companies

Nvidia, maker of accelerator chips that are at the core of generative artificial intelligence (AI), is now duelling with Microsoft, a tech giant of longer standing, to be the world’s most valuable company. Like Microsoft, it is investing in a diverse ecosystem of startups that it hopes will strengthen its lead. When ChatGPT took everyone

Airtel Africa partners with WebEngage

Airtel Africa has partnered with WebEngage to drive its digital customer base management. Airtel is the second largest telecom service provider in Africa, with more than 60 million data users among a total of 150 million customers. The integrations will enable Airtel to monitor user service activities and in a highly personalized manner while retaining

Settling  ‘tap-and-go’ probe

Apple Pay is used by hundreds of millions of iPhones and the conclusion of this long-running Brussels investigation comes at a time of particularly tense relationships between Apple and regulators. Apple is to conclude a long-running EU antitrust investigation into its mobile payments system and avoid a huge fine by making a series of concessions

Vladimir Putin visits North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to North Korea on Tuesday for a summit with its reclusive leader Kim Jong Un − his first visit to the country in nearly a quarter of a century. Russia and North Korea were close allies during the Cold War. Relations cooled with the breakup of the Soviet Union. Putin