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Connected Manufacturing

Most developed countries are manufacturing and service oriented as opposed to the developing nations which are struggling in getting into manufacturing sectors. Manufacturing is a very competitive sector across the globe and even you want to get into it you need to be competitive . Connected world manufacturing can see the whole globe developing but

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining needs brains in solving complex computational transactions which allows the miners to chain them together and at the same time securing the network as they provide transparency. There is doubt that Bitcoin is the most common in the Block-chain network and people are really mining the coins . What is your experience with

ICT in Commercial Banks

Information communication technology has really revolutionized the banking sectors in most countries. like in Kenya, you can access banking services via a USSD code anytime. Should all the commercial banks adopt this simple but complicated technology?

Food security

Food security is a serious concern in third developing countries. like in Kenya about 10 million people are food insecure and most of them depend on relief food. What technology do you employ in country to mitigating this challenge?

Safaricom No expiry

Safaricom no expiry data bundles you can use everything you pay for at your own pace . What do you think about them as compared to the other normal bundles with expiry date?

World Economy Strengthening

Economic challenges are always there and the situation has become worse with the outbreak of the deadly virus “Coronavirus” and nobody knows how long the effect will last but economy needs to be kept strong.Who controls the world economy?

Agribusiness in Kenya

Youths in agribusiness face serious challenges that need to be addressed or changed to opportunities .The empowerment plan by KCB 2jiajiri in partnership with MasterCard foundation is a noble idea but how many can benefit from the program.What do you think need to be done to empower most youths across the country?

Africa Agriculture Sector

Agriculture forms a backbone of the African economy in most countries. For the Africans to uplift their living standards, there is need for the governments to establish an Investment bank for agricultural sector to empower farmers and the industry. what else do you think Africa governments need to do for their people in agriculture?

Passphrases Over Passwords

Most secure passwords narrative has been a mixture of numbers, special characters and different cases but long passwords are harder to crack compared to the current way of creating passwords. Passphrases are proven to be much harder to crack and require more computational resource . What is your experience ?

Quantum Computing

Introduction of Quantum computers is on the way. Experts believe they’re so superior to regular computers, they’ll need just minutes rather than thousands of years to perform complex tasks. Do you belief in the capability of this miniature gadget ?