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Africa Agriculture Sector

Agriculture forms a backbone of the African economy in most countries. For the Africans to uplift their living standards, there is need for the governments to establish an Investment bank for agricultural sector to empower farmers and the industry. what else do you think Africa governments need to do for their people in agriculture?

Passphrases Over Passwords

Most secure passwords narrative has been a mixture of numbers, special characters and different cases but long passwords are harder to crack compared to the current way of creating passwords. Passphrases are proven to be much harder to crack and require more computational resource . What is your experience ?

Quantum Computing

Introduction of Quantum computers is on the way. Experts believe they’re so superior to regular computers, they’ll need just minutes rather than thousands of years to perform complex tasks. Do you belief in the capability of this miniature gadget ?

Premium News Product

Alphabet’s Google is in talks with publishers on paying a licensing fee for content that would be packaged in a premium news product. How is likely to impact other publishers who depend heavily on Google for income?

Stock Markets

Asian shares reversed losses on Monday and moved back toward a three-week top as China’s persistent efforts to cushion the blow from a Coronavirus outbreak calmed nervous investors . The virus has impacted the Asian Economy, why is it likely ti impact other economies?

Marketing Plan

Gaining the customers trust in business and marketing affect your business positive. dishonest, inaccurate, wrong, manipulative and lack of integrity can be very lucrative but short lived . How do you get more customers as a start up considering the already existing unhealthy competition?

Data Analytics

Data is a fundamental entity in any organization. Data analysis comes in handy to exact information from data through insights which also helps know customer behavior, progress etc. What is the disadvantages of Data analysis to the consumer and the organization?

Technology for Business

Harnessing technology for your business can be a game changer.What tetchnology tools do you find most useful for your business ? and what has been a game changer for you ?

World Economies

Economy contol and stability has never been easy and shortfall can hit you even in future e.g. German industrial output suffered its biggest fall in December since the recession-hit year of 2009, a shock drop highlighting the weakness in manufacturing that risks dragging Europe’s largest economy into contraction . Who runs the world economy ?

Constructive Criticisms

Opportunities for constructive criticisms are encouraged in any undertakings . For example Should the patients incapacity to answer a question be coded the same as a persons inability to answer. Should we completely discourage destructive criticisms ?