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Investing in Health

The body you have is forever your home . However, a lot of sacrifices must be made in order to bring about the future that you’re creating for yourself which makes you physically drained and with all that the physical wellness really matter which brings about the need to incorporate investments into your health so

Net Zero Depends on Ocean Carbon Absorption

The lifeblood of coastal economies and societies has always been the connection between land and sea, and that’s become more evident with climate change. The oceans moderate the world’s climate through the absorption of heat and carbon. And just how much carbon the ocean will continue to absorb for us remains an open question and

Marketing During Covid-19

To everyone in business, successful sales and marketing is critical to our abilities to re-stabilize our businesses and pick up the pieces caused by the corona virus pandemic , pay your rent, get the revenue back in and keep the Jobs. Since the covid-19 pandemic starred our customer base has narrowed down to some few

China’s 5G networks

Among the most advanced in the world is the china’s 5 G Networks because the government has invested in them and there has been cooperation between vendors and operators globally.  China is hoping to lead the world in the 5G Networks technology and it is expected to dominate by 2025 which will make it attained

Remote Learning

Microsoft Teams update adds new Class Insights tab for remote learning. The new update allows educators to have a view of both individual student’s performance and the overall class performance. Using the information Class Insights provides, teachers can make informed decisions about the curriculum, lesson pacing and student engagement. The Class Insights tab in Teams

Community Connections

Facebook groups remain a popular resource for community building but investing private community platform is better for boosting engagement and it can really help in managing the company’s tone of voice to creating lead magnets and setting up automation campaigns. In the recent times personalization of content, live streaming and video has become more popular

Consumer Trends

Many of the transformations that occurred since last year were not entirely new. Some of the trends that emerged were short-lived, but lockdowns and social distancing acted as catalysts and accelerated behaviors that were already beginning to emerge and given the great social, economic and technological changes that the pandemic is causing, making consumption predictions

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Applications for VR and augmented reality (AR) is for data analytics but most people think virtual reality (VR) is only for gamers. To leverage the immense amount of data we collect every day, insights need to be extracted by more than just data scientists. Making data easier to understand even for those who don’t have

This Year Tips on Your Idea

It is okay to set and accomplish small goals each day rather than not doing anything and feeling frustrated because of that so you need Think what changes you can do in your daily routine to start moving towards your objective, review your objectives, dedicate some time every day to imagine how would it feel

Vaccine Inequlity

The Covid-19 Vaccine Allocations both within and across countries face considerable scrutiny and creating equitable supply for developing countries remains a global concern. In their efforts to vaccinate their populations, African countries face an estimated financing gap of about Us Dollars 9 billion. How can African countries overcome an estimated financing gap of $9 billion