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EA Sports Hacked

EA is one of the largest games companies in the world. It counts major series such as Battlefield, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, The Sims, and Titanfall among the titles it develops or publishes – as well as a vast array of annual sports games. The source code for the engine could hold significant value

China Mars Rover Sending Images

The robot, which landed in May, positioned a wireless camera on the ground and then rolled back a short distance to take the snap. China’s Zhurong rover has sent back a batch of new images from Mars. All the images were released by the Chinese space agency in a ceremony to celebrate the success of

Work Remotely till half of 2022- Facebook Employees

big tech firms Apple and Google have recently reversed pandemic working conditions, telling staff to return to the office in the coming months while Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg told staff he plans to spend up to half of 2022 working remotely. Facebook’s offices are expected to open to full capacity in October, but employees

Plastics Polluting Oceans 1 min read

Measures to cut plastic pollution have focused on the likes of straws, cotton buds and drink stirrers, which are relatively easy to replace. Plastic from take-out and convenience food is littering rivers and oceans. According to the recent scientific analysis ,global inventories cataloguing more than 12 million pieces of litter found in and around rivers,

G7 to Control Coal Burning to save the Climate

Coal is the world’s dirtiest major fuel and ending its use is seen as a major step by environmentalists .The G7 group will promise to move away from coal plants, unless they have technology to capture carbon emissions and it will require a range of urgent policies, chief among them being phasing out coal burning

Iran regains UN payment

Iran lost its vote in the 193-member General Assembly in January because it was more than two years in arrears. It owed a total of more than $65 million, but paid the minimum amount needed to regain its vote. Iran regained its vote in the UN General Assembly on Friday after the United States enabled

El Salvador’s Bitcoin embrace

El Salvador is getting in on El Zonte’s Bitcoin experiment after the country’s legislative assembly passed a law spurred by 39-year-old Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele requiring businesses to accept it as payment for goods and services alongside the United States dollar, which has been the country’s official currency since 2001.Bitcoin is now hovering near $37,000,

Netflix emissions effects

Like industries, the film and television business is on a mad dash to cut carbon dioxide output, hoping to help mitigate the worst effects of climate change. While streaming a show has less of an impact on the environment than, say, the production of a new movie, companies are looking for any way they can

Should Sebastian Kurz Step down cue to corruption

Kurz is now the subject of a corruption inquiry over his appointment of the head of the country’s sovereign wealth fund, Thomas Schmid. During his time as Austria’s Chancellor his government have been the subject of multiple scandals. A vote of no confidence was passed against his government and he was removed from office in

Bezos behind bars

It is known that some of the wealthiest Americans pay lowest taxes . In the recent IRS data leak, it demonstrated that the world’s richest billionaires pay effectively zero tax and a similar dynamic plays out across the world with the worlds richest people dodging their tax obligations . Immoral acts of greed underpin becoming