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Renewable Energy

Social distancing is impacting the residential solar roof top business and the clean energy sector has lost jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The delays will slow the transition to cleaner energy and so many people have lost their jobs during Covid-19 which has contributed to low production and affected also the supply

How can you Know whether an Employee is about to Quit a Job

Pay is critical for everyone, but often it is not the sole or even the top reason someone wants to leave. The big exception is if they simply can’t make ends meet on their current salary. Very often people will leave a job if they feel they’re being taken for granted, or that their concerns

Employee Mental Health

understand the impact on mental health is going to have a long tail on it. Once you’ve gotten vaccinated, mental health issues don’t go away. The stigma around mental health is rapidly decreasing. It’s now a part of everyday conversation. So employers have more visibility into mental distress in their workforce. And events of the

Remote Work Feeling

While some managers are fine with their direct reports working remotely, others would prefer more on site “face time” with their workers. Many companies are becoming more flexible with when and where their employees can work, but it’s the direct managers and supervisors who really set the tone on remote work for their teams —

Microsoft users log in without passwords

Microsoft announced that it will introduce a “passwordless account” option for all users of several popular services such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft OneDrive in the coming weeks. Microsoft has a solution for the familiar problem of needing to remember too many passwords: doing away with them altogether. Instead of passwords, Microsoft (MSFT) will let

AIDS vaccine on Clinical Trials

Three decades of attempts to create a vaccine against hiv, the virus that causes aids, have proved fruitless. Moderna, a firm based in Massachusetts that has recently found fame by quickly coming up with a viable covid-19 jab, is planning to start human trials of a novel vaccine against hiv. Its researchers hope that the

infecting volunteers with covid-19

Since the second world war, around 40,000 volunteers have allowed themselves to be infected with everything from malaria and typhoid to dengue fever and cholera. Human trials are a valuable part of medical research. Studying sick people in the controlled environment of a lab allows scientists to collect valuable information about how diseases work much

carbon-removal plant switches on

Orca is, for now, the largest installation in the infant industry, which aims to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. When sealed underground such CO2 counts as “negative emissions” an essential but underdeveloped method for tackling global warming. To stop temperatures rising by 1.5°C or even 2°C above pre-industrial averages, as per the Paris climate agreement,

Decentralized Finance

Decentralised finance, or “DeFi”, deserves sober consideration. It has the potential to rewire how the financial system works, with all the promise and perils that entails. The proliferation of innovation in DeFi is akin to the frenzy of invention in the early phase of the web. At a time when people live ever more of

Synthetic Data in AI

the smartness in Artificial Intelligence is a factor of how much data we allow our AI ‘engines’ to ingest and how well the datasets that comprise that data encapsulate a full and comprehensive image of the world we are attempting to digitize. AI is able to chew through the repeats and deduplicate any extraneous data