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We have extreme relative poverty in third world countries .However, definition of poverty is relative and mostly people talk of relative poverty not extreme. Socialism has a history of creating real poverty after the initial spending spree. which system is better for eradicating poverty , Capitalism or socialism?

Second Covid-19 Lockdown

The year of 2020 has been the year for suffering for the whole world.covid-19 has made people to loose control over their lives because of lack of finances Mostly for those who lost their jobs during the pandemic, some countries mostly the developing opened up the economies to allow people Hustle for their lives. now

Second Wave of Corona Virus

Corona Virus was declared a global pandemic in March of 2020 And that is when countries responded to contain the spread of the Virus through Government directions And abiding by the world healthy organization directives. It about six months Now And the issue is still a threat to the world, Some countries have ease out

Health and Management

Life is really struggle , you may think that you have worked hard to got what you have but suddenly a new challenge of health management comes in . For this year of 2020 health management is critical so that we do not suffer from lifestyle diseases and we that matter we encourage in depth

Romans’ Building

Romans from ancient times are renown for its beautiful building structures which famous architects such as Apollodorus of Damascus and even recently a basilica coin struck 112-14 was found which provides a good evidence for building structures. Are Romans still have that ancient reputation of good building structures?

“Black Inferiority”

White privilege is a thing of the past in this 21st century for the sake of the development and there is need to dismantle white supremacy and bring about equality in recognition and fair treatment for all. If whites think that they are supreme then why should they sell their products and services to Blacks


Internet of things ia a technology which literally connects everything or anything that can be connected to allow for communication. Does this compromise privacy and security of humans?

Empowerment News

The press plays a very great role in shaping the lives of the citizens be it economically, socially and politically. The most aired news is majorly political and the youth initiatives or empowerment is a rare thing. Should the country cut off politicking after election is over to allow to development?

Over-exploitation of Endangered species

Over-exploitation of wildlife, ecosystems and habitats pose a great danger both to humanity and so many species of wild animals and plants. Poaching has been a very serious issue but some countries seem not to care.How do we deal with the people you are the buyers of this illegal commodities ?

Prevention is Better than cure

Coronavirus is a global threat economically, socially and politically . Other countries are allowing people to enter its borders freely with no serious safety measures while Pakistan and Turkey have temporarily closed their borders with Iran on Sunday, as Tehran announced that it would close schools, universities and cultural centers across 14 provinces in an