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Bitcoin’s price gains were mirrored by several other leading cryptocurrencies, with Ethereum (ether) also closing in on a new record high. The world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency is now among the top 25 fiat currencies by market cap. Bitcoin has overtaken the Swiss Franc to become the world’s 13th largest currency by market cap. The

Intel Struggles with chip making

Like other chip makers, the company is struggling to make enough processors to feed the vast demand, leading to issues with the availability of everything from PlayStation 5s to cars. Intel is in the “worst” of its chip crisis, and it will not be fixed until 2023, its chief executive has said. “We’re in the

Rising Tuberculosis deaths

Caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the infection is spread through inhaling tiny droplets from the coughs or sneezes of an infected person. TB typically affects the lungs, but can attack other parts of the body, such as the kidney or brain. Global deaths from tuberculosis have risen for the first time in more

European lab-grown beef for commercial markets

The European Union is to invest €2m into a scientific project that is developing cultured beef for commercial markets. The programme will fund research and development to find the best combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to include in the culture media to help promote the natural growth of muscle cells taken from a

Lego to remove ” stereotypes and gender bias” features from its toys

The benefits of creative play such as building confidence, creativity and communication skills are felt by all children and yet we still experience age-old stereotypes that label activities as only being suitable for one specific gender. Lego has pledged to remove “gender bias and harmful stereotypes” from its toys after a survey found there are

Donald Trump launches new social network called ’TRUTH Social’

Former US president Donald Trump on Wednesday announced plans to launch his own social network, in the latest push to reclaim his internet dominance after he was banned from Twitter and Facebook in the wake of the Capitol insurrection.”TRUTH Social” will be owned by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), and is expected to begin

Xiaomi HyperCharge

Xiaomi is launch ing the 11T Pro handset, which boasts 120-W fast-charging for a full top-up of its 5,000-mAh in as little as 17 minutes. The 11T Pro handset is the first to launch worldwide with Xiaomi’s 120-W HyperCharge technology – a less powerful flavor of the prototype wired and wireless charging system we saw

Windows 11 suite of Surface updates

Windows 11 operating system is due to land next month, and the computing giant has revealed what it’s calling the “largest update to the Surface portfolio in its history.” The Surface party gets rolling with upgrades to the range of 2-in-1 tablet/notebooks, starting with a fresh new Surface Pro 8 that’s twice as snappy as

Fairphone 4 for 5G

The first Fairphone landed in 2013, and as its name suggests was built on an ethos of sustainability and fairness. The next generation followed in 2015, but then there was a production gap of four years before another ethical smartphone was released by the company. Now the Dutch company is embracing 5G technology for its

Vaccine booster

In recent months Israel has become the first country to implement booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to their vaccination certificates, and is requiring people to have had three doses of the vaccine to receive a vaccine pass for indoor venues, the so called “green pass”. Even though the country has had one of the