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Author: Able Jam

Vaccinating Christians

There is much confusion and even emotion, even in Christian circles, as a result of misinformation that is proliferated on the Internet. Often, with Christians, much of the thinking is driven by well-meaning, but misapplied biblical statements and, in some cases, even conspiratorial. Because of Adam’s sin, God cursed the entire creation. This is why


Depression well described as as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interfere with a person’s everyday activities and It may interfere with your daily work, resulting in lost time and lower productivity . People experience depression in different ways , It can also influence relationships and some chronic health conditions. if you’re feeling down

The Sixth Sense-Gut

Some people describe gut feelings as a small internal voice, but you’ll often “hear” your gut talking to you in other ways. Gut feelings can evoke a range of sensations, some not unlike the physical feelings associated with anxiety. Other, more positive sensations might seem to confirm your choice. Following your instinct can certainly direct

Growing Ad Complexity

AdTech buyers are frustrated with the poor performance of technological solutions and problems of fraud, opacity and complexity, which these solutions are supposed to solve. The use of ‘technology stack’ of AdTech buyers refers to the number of technologies that marketers use. They need them to make the best decision on when, where and how

blockchain for tracking digital advertising-KFC

U.S.-based KFC, a unit of Yum! Brands is famous for its fried chicken and has about 24,000 restaurants worldwide. Leveraging blockchain, KFC aims to access real-time data from its ad campaigns. This improved transparency would enable the firm to increase brand visibility and monitor ad distribution. On the other hand, a shared database of advertising

Gold as Strategic Asset

Gold does not directly conform to the majority of the most common valuation methodologies used for equities or bonds. Without a coupon or dividend, typical models based on discounted cash flows, expected earnings, or book-to-value ratios, struggle to provide an appropriate assessment for gold’s underlying value. Strategically, Gold benefits from diverse sources of demand: as

Bill Gates to Invest in Synthetic Meat

Disaster-Gates said that rich countries should stop consuming natural meat and switch to synthetic meat, in order to help combat climate change. After the Cocid-19 was declared a global pandemic , Bill gates has been the most controversial man and now he is taking the advantage of the pandemic to accelerate projects of economic expansionism

Genetic Variations in Covid-19

The genetic variation is based on the lack in the immune system of a receptor that is lacking about 4% of the population. The research produced a conclusion statement that people with a partial or total absence of the NKG2C receptor tend to develop severe courses of Covid-19. This genetic variation was found especially in

Unknown Disease in Congo

Congo has a experienced unique diseases for sometimes now and sometimes you even fail to understand . The most recent news, Fifteen people, between 60 and 80 years old, died in February after suffering an unidentified disease in a province in the west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo This disease, which has not

Pandora Box

The believe that Pandora Box is what has caused all the human problems is a myth , It is full of deceit, cruelty, envy and evil. Read what we have read, humans have gone from malevolent to less. Pandora, continues to be one of the most famous myths thanks to its box full of gifts