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Laurel Hubbard in Olympics

In the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games Laurel Hubbard became the first transgender athlete to compete in an Olympic event, competing in the +87 kg division of women’s weightlifting. Hubbard transitioned and started hormone therapy in 2012 and did not begin competing in weightlifting events as a female until 2017; she was thought to have been set to be a medal winner at Tokyo 2020 but ultimately struggled and failed three consecutive snatch lifts, coming last. However, while Laurel Hubbard has enjoyed a lot of support in home country of New Zealand, her competing in women’s competitive weightlifting has long been a cause of controversy, with certain athletes, officials and even politicians arguing that it is unfair for her to compete in as a woman. Should Laurel Hubbard have been allowed to compete in the Olympics?

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