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The Arrest of Five Iranian girls for Dancing to Rema’s Song

The song “Calm Down” became a global hit after Rema issued a remix with superstar Selena Gomez. Five young Iranian ladies who danced to Nigerian Afrobeat singer and rapper, Divine Ikubor, professionally known as Rema’s song ‘Calm Down’ have been allegedly arrested. The footage showed the women dancing and slightly showing their stomachs, near highrise

TikTok boss to be grilled by US Republican and Democratic lawmakers on data safety and security

There are currently several pieces of legislation, including one bill backed by the White House, already paving the way for a ban of the app if TikTok fails to split from its parent company, Chinese firm ByteDance. TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew will staunchly deny allegations by US lawmakers on Thursday that the hugely popular

Uganda to host the 19th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in 2024

The Non-Aligned Movement is a forum of 120 countries that are not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. After the United Nations, it is the largest grouping of states worldwide. The Non-Aligned Movement has a membership of 53 countries from Africa, 39 from Asia, 26 from Latin America and the Caribbean and

China-Russia oil pipeline

Beijing emerged as an economic lifeline for Moscow last year, especially through energy purchases, after Western sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cut off crucial trade links. Moscow is confident that the new pipeline Power of Siberia 2 is going ahead. Putin said after talks with Xi that “all agreements have been reached” on the

Dimitri Medvedev belives that the western countries will try to intervene in Russia Elections next year

Former Russian president believes the West will try to intervene in Russia’s presidential election, scheduled for 2024. The objective of this intervention, he reproached, would be ”to destabilize the political situation and divide the country into parts, negotiate with each of those parts, denuclearize and demilitarize them, and then come to offer their services”. For

Serbia-Kosovo agreement

Belgrade and Pristina have been negotiating for decades in Brussels with poor results and a poor record of implementation of the agreements already reached, weighed down by conflicts stemming from Kosovo’s violent secession from Serbia in the late 1990s.General applauds the recent announcement by the European Union (EU) on an agreement between the parties on

Haiti gang violence

Clashes between gangs are becoming more violent and more frequent, as they try to expand their territorial control throughout the capital,during the first two weeks of March, the UN said that at least 208 people had been killed, most of whom were the victims of snipers firing indiscriminately at people in their homes or in

China peace plan could end Ukraine war

There are growing concerns in the West that China might provide military support for Russia. The Russian leader met Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday in Moscow to discuss the conflict, and relations between the two countries. Mr Putin said the peace plan could be put forward “when they are ready for it in the

Marburg virus outbreak in Tanzania

High fever is a common symptom of the deadly Ebola-like virus, often followed by bleeding and organ failure. The Marburg virus is a cousin of the equally deadly Ebola virus part of the filovirus family – and it kills on average half of those infected, It is a severe, often fatal illness with symptoms including

New drone attacks on Sevastopol

Last Monday the Ukrainian Defense Ministry claimed that an explosion destroyed several Russian missiles being transported in the Crimean peninsula, without specifying whether the explosion was due to an attack by Ukrainian forces. For his part, the Russian governor of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, assured that the city’s air defenses were activated Monday night against a