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The battle for dominance in nuclear technology

Most countries are trying to rapidly decarbonise their energy systems to address the climate crisis. Wind and solar now provide at least 12 per cent of the world’s power, and in some places, like the European Union, they provide more than fossil fuels. But there’s an increasing sense of urgency to clean up our energy systems as extreme weather events wreak havoc on the planet and as challenges with renewables remain. Small modular reactors  are smaller and less costly to build than traditional, large-scale reactors. They are fast becoming the next great hope for a nuclear renaissance as the world looks towards cutting fossil fuels. The Biden administration and American companies are putting billions of dollars into SMRs in a bid for business and global influence. China is leading in nuclear technology and construction, and Russia is making almost all the world’s Small modular reactors  fuel. Who do you think will win ?

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