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Dealing with the Western hegemony

BRICS is an economic and re­gional security organisation aimed at diluting western influence and establishing a regional Asian pow­er center. As per reports, BRICS has been planning to create a new currency that would escalate the process of de: dollarization, knock­ing out all western tactics on ret­rogressing rising economies. Cur­rently, 80% of global trade is in the US dollar, and the Russia: Ukraine conflict realised the hazardous po­tential of the dollar’s hegemony to collapse any economy by imposing destructive sanctions.The world is growing at a ram­pant pace, forming conglom­erations of various countries and moving in the right direction to es­tablish more advanced, econom­ically stable growth. Each entity strives to procure global stature, while China has been a leading na­tion that has adequate development to supersede the United States, its indomitable rival, in the future. Will BRICS challenge the western hegemony ?

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