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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Philanthropy Force

Bill Gates is well known for his philanthropy under the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , Gates has supported a wide range of projects aiming to tackle poverty, disease, hunger, and climate change, he is also a large benefactor of global health coordination efforts such as the World Health Organisation (WHO). However Gates has also received some criticism for this charitable work, with some criticising the efficacy of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s projects, and others questioning Gates’ influence over global health policy and his intentions for doings. Gates’ philanthropy benefits the rich at the expense of everyone, even the people he claims to help. Arguably Bill Gates may be engaged in Philanthropy exactly to benefit from these tax breaks, and this sort of investment needs to be seen as what it is, tax avoidance, a deficit that the public has to pay for or governments have to cut spending as a result of . Do you think that the Philanthropy activities are for the good of the majority poor ?

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