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Digital Piracy

Digital piracy is the digital use, distribution, or reproduction of any piece of work protected by copyright law without the copyright holder’s permission. .Piracy is a problem that essentially stems form poverty as we can see rates of piracy are much much lower in wealthier countries, and while this can be also tied to supporting issues such as awareness and education these issues are all wealth related. In the long term tackling inequality and educating computer users is the only answer in digital piracy, however in the medium term, and especially considering the massive detrimental effect piracy has on the music and film industries, and governments should fund the arts. The Internet will always find a way to share ideas music and images and will route around any attempt to stop copyright infringement, we need to recognise that piracy control has completely failed and that as long as there is poverty there will always be piracy. Do you think digital piracy is on the rise with technological evolutions ?

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