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eight evil thoughts

The so called mortal sins, Committing one of these mortal sins and not confessing, not doing penance and so on, will result in the death of the soul. And then you’ll be in hell for eternity, or your soul will be in hell for eternity : avarice is not just a desire for wealth but for honors [and] high position , Envy i.e. joy at another’s misfortune and [the other is] sorrow at the fortune of someone else, wrath i.e. Anger can be a normal reaction to injustice ,Lust is so broad that it encompasses sex outside of heterosexual marriage as well as sex inside of heterosexual marriage, gluttony which include drinking too much alcohol and desiring too much fine food, in addition to overeating, Sloth which simply mean lack of care for performing spiritual duties and Vainglory / Pride. is your souls still alive ?

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