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microplastics and hormone disruption

Microplastics are a distinct pollution problem, present in water, the air, and even the food we eat, especially seafood, scientists have raised concern over the possible health risks microplastics could pose. One such concern is that microplastics and compounds used in the plastics, drugs, and pesticides industries, and in many consumer products, may act as endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDCs), interfering with how the human body produces and utilises hormones. However the link between microplastics and EDCs is still unclear, as is the degree of absorption and bioaccumulation, and while the effect on the body is well documented research on the realistic levels of exposure and the effects this could have is still fairly low. This subject has therefore generated a lot of controversy with some calling for swift regulation, while others advocating for further study; China, the US, Japan, the EU and the UK have all passed legislation to limit microplastic pollution.

Do these compounds need further urgent regulation?

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