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Protesting Discriminative Laws

Maps conceived on the basis of exclusionary ideologies and their fabrications of the past have one sole aim – to erase the coordinates of connection across time and geographies. Connections representing accretions of complementarity are anathema, as are the ideas of diversity and pluralism. These are maps to a world of diminished and corrupted meanings, where words are commandeered by the majority and weaponised to isolate and target a minority as anti-national. The possibility of forging a new map of belonging. A map fortified with memories of shared patterns of living in the past but anchored to the Book of our times, the Constitution, signalling a life of dignity and equality for every citizen and would-be citizen, without discriminating on the basis of religion.
By Protesting A Law That Divides And Discriminates, Are we Forging New Maps Of Belonging ?

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